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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
stalker me

i guess when you are online everyday, and you do research for pychology papers a lot, you're bound to be a super PRO google-er.

Today, an old sunday school friend of mine, asked me about this fellow usherette from the raffle draw thingy. At first, i gave him some weird name (you see, it was 2 months ago, and i barely remember her name!). HAHA. then, after extensive,smart(hehe), google-ing, i found her Zorpia Profile!:) muahhahahah. am i good or what? haha. He owes me Prosperity Burger. i don't care!

btw, i checked out my dreamstime account, and i have USD$11.50 now! muahahhahaha.

classes started today, and omg, Anthropology is so boring. omg,omg,omg. i wonder if i can make it. HAHA. guess who's in my class? hahahha. my artist LJ friend, munkao!:D This class a bit hard to find groupmates la..damn huge class, but i don't know anyone except elaine and ephraim and munkao and a few aquaintances with "gangs" already. hahahha....sucks.

Movies was alright, Zan's facial expression and the way he speaks is so funny, i'll end up laughing all the way! Maria and Fira are in this class. yay! i'm not alone after all:) we're gonna be in the same group too :D haha. Edura and Xue Zhen asked me to be groupmates, i don't mind, but then, have to ask Maria and Fira first...:/

Comm in workplace sounds boring! ugh. but owh wells, i HAVE to take it. you know whats the best part?? NO GROUPWORK!!!!:D i hope can score, but i won't put my hopes up so high, James said, no one got A before. omg. so hard meh? haha.

tomorrow's class is at 4pm. so sucky! only one class and its at 4...

i've ran out of books to read to sleep. shall ransack my mom's room later.

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/09/2007 01:16:00 AM

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