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Sunday, January 07, 2007
trying to make the most of it....

linking and stalking reading.

i was wondering, if linking to someone's public blog is okay. Without asking them, ofcourse!:) HAHA. i've just linked a few blogs (erm, lets just say, i like their songs). Chin Hor from John's Mistress and c.loco. Some random people, acquaintances, lecturers and long lost friends. Zan Azlee (my future Movies lecturer), Xue Zhen, Ainul, Celestine. etc, forgot who already.

i used to really like john's mistress. bought their album and all. never really went for their shows tho. i wonder why. i think by the time i started liking their music, they are already sedang di bubarkan already. haha. *searches for John's Mistress' CD*

flickr is working again!:) hehe. im uploading my "baking adventure" pictures. HAHA. If you are free, go see!:) i'm in love with flickr uploadr. Thanx elaine, for telling me about it! hahaha.

its my last day of "freedom". hahhahaha. lets define freedom as "doing nothing without the constant worry of 'i should be studying'" HAHAHAHA. during the next semester, of course, i *promise* to study more, don't do last minute assignemnts, etc. >>>>> you so know that will never work!! hahahaha. procrastination is like every college student's middle name. HAHA.

i'm in my second year second sem. 2+ more years to go before i leave this stinkhole place. I've got loads to study and learn, i don't want to graduate so fast...but i also want to graduate faster, because everyone else will be graduating. :( sucks. *don't succumb to peer pressure!* nvm, tk and lavena also will still be studying!:) nyeh,nyeh,nyeh...i've got teman who are still students next year! hahaha.

if you've realised my blogspot name is changed to "diary of a mad asian girl". HAHA. the reason i added that because i see everyone else's blogs, they all have some cool blog names. and all i have is "lyyyl"!! haha. the phrase is copied from "diary of a mad black women". just changed it to mas asian girl. maybe i should change it to "women"! haha. cos it rhymes. but who am i to call myself women. i'm still in between. i'm still a kid.*sings* forever young, i wanna be forever young!*sings*

owwwh, i met my primary school discipline teacher, Puan Wong, today at the breakfast coffee shop. I seriously could not recognize her. she's became thinner and older i guess. its been like what 8 years!!! but the more i look at her, got la some resemblence. she's still teaching at some primary school, no more at La Salle (2), Jinjang(my primary school).

My brother is going for Muse's concert. He's buying the most in front-est tickets. Madness man. so mahal! owh well, he's earning his own money! haha.

tmr i have 4 freaking hours break. probably even lesser because its the first day. Elaine plan to go watch a movie. i'm taking 5 subjects this semester. i wonder if i can cope!:) first time ever taking 5 subjects. heck, other people take 6 subjects per month, and can still retain their gpa of 3.5, why can't i? haha. and besides, the more subjects i take, the faster i can leave college :D

Subjects for Spring 2007 (they call it January semester now, ugh, so no american anymore.don't care, i still call it Spring):
i seriously think i can do it. HAHA. besides, i have 2 of James' classes, 1 Zan Azlee, 1 Serena(this ones gonna be hard) and 1 math! and 4 classes with Elaine, if she takes Finite... *trying to make self feel happy* sucks that they don't offer graphic design 1 this semester!!i was looking forward to that.

anyone else taking the same subjects as me? tell me! i wanna be your groupmate! hahaha. did i tell you how much i hate group work! shall not rant here....not good...

btw, i got A and A for grsphic design 2 and interviewing!:) Thanx James and Abraham!:) Too bad Abraham left, i seem to get A's in his classes...hahahha.

i have to fetch Adrian to college tomorrow. He's just finished his SPM and now is taking foundation year, i think. He wants to be a psychologist too! He's my BEC member (from church). Owh, he can come for CSS!:) hehe.

which reminds me! Tomorrow MUST wake up at 6am. omg, the horror of driving at 7am again...somemore i got to fetch someone, cannot like eat, drink and drive all in the car. must eb all proper. hahahhaa. i slept from 11 am till 4pm just now. ahahahha. like i will sleep early tonight! eyebags, you're gonna be back!!!

bye. i'm gonna eat marshmellows and get fat.

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/07/2007 06:08:00 PM

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