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Saturday, January 06, 2007

i've got 2 more days to bum around until i need to study ALL OVER AGAIN!!! and long sem sucks..i will get less motivated to study, and hence, the very low GPA during long sem. :( sucks.

i've gotten my results already!:) and its a pretty one. :D still doesn't change the overall gpa tho. thanks to the gazillion B's i got 2 sems ago!!

its okay. if i can remain with this GPA. i'll be happy!:)

i watched beerfest today!:) it was really really really funny!!! good movie, for all beer-holic. haha.

my whole family is out today. my brother's still at home, but he's going out soon. i'll be HOMEALONE!!! waaaahhhh..somebody take me outtttt....

nvm, can save money if i stay home. HAHA.

i baked disasterous cupcakes yesterday. the cupcakes were fine, i was experimenting the icing with Almond Extract. and, omg, it was so smelly and u feel like puking when you taste the icing. So, i shall not poison the people who are going to eat them, and threw away the icing. Then, i made another batch of icing, and OMGx2 my vanilla extract is finished!!! candie.com okay!!!
i added cocoa powder instead, so this time, icing, no pretty icing, only brown colour with heart shaped sprinkles.

fail man...never experiment with new stuff!!! hahaha. or at least try first with SOME icing...chocolate buttercream icing is not as nice as plain vanilla one...i made basic vanilla cupcake.

here are the disasterous pictures:

tk and i went to Jusco Kepong that day, to send out the books in Poslaju. We ate at this HK-inspired restaurant called E&T. The food there is OK, but NEVER order their pies!! they give you just normal sandwiches, nothing pie-ey about it at all! hahaha.


i need a life and money. haha.

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/06/2007 12:40:00 PM

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