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Friday, January 05, 2007
(tblog archive) TREASURE HUNT!

12.17.03 (6:46 am)

listening to...AAliyah -i miss u! :P (on my page!)

i think i'll change it to my favveeeee guy! pharrel! wait la..

treasure hunt! it was FUN,fun spelt with BIG letters!heheh...jonathan,jerome and his gang were there too...
louanne and i join together-gether!
hahah...so at first both of us were like so psyched and excited about this thing...until we got lost! hahah...we had to go back to the imbi station all the way....hahha...you won't understand la..but heck,it was one heck of a long ride,which took our 30 minutes of precious time!:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

we were so mad! and frustrated!hahah...but finally we made it...at 315.we were late...so they minus marks from our total points!

we had to do a few tasks...i had to peel onions on Sungei Wang's stage! luckily it was like 1030 and no one was there! :lol: second one,louanne did,SHE WENT ON A ROLLER COASTER RIDE!! no fair...but nvm! the third one was,we had to sell The Malay Mail newspaper in chow kit!! with louanne wearign a sarong! hahah...we were like beging everyone to buy our newspaper! heheh..it was fun! fourth one was we had to make a paper-monorail....that was the worst! it was so hard...and they gave us some [i]ciplak [/i] gum to stick them together!ehehe..

after that we got out goodie bags! we have so many stuffs in there...besides the RED tshirt that we had to wear,we got a bag and a cap...in the goodie bag,we have V mag,RM100 ACER voucher, some sweets,chocolates,PONDS cucumber eye treatment thingy,and a lot of other stuff...

we ate our Hi-Tea at Regent Hotel...and after that was the prize giving ceremony! :lol:
::drumrolls please::
we got number 29!!!! hahhah...not bad what...for the lazy bums who simply [i]banged[/i] everything! hahah...we were like so dead during the race...damn tiring! and for getting number 29,we got two tickets to watch ALAN THAM & HACKEN LEE in concert WORTH RM160 EACH!:::pukes:::
of all things! and also RM20 worths of monorail rides!

WHO WANTS TO GO SEE ALAN THAM AND HACKEN LEE IN CONCERT AT GENTING PLEASE INFORM ME!thanx...erm...btw,i'll sell it to ya! heheh...i really need that cash! hehehe...

what a day....tiring! after that i went for choir practise somemore! tiring like hell!!:wink:

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/05/2007 10:23:00 PM

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