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Friday, January 05, 2007
(tblog archive) tired,sick and sleepy!

12.14.03 (6:09 am)

:lol: :lol:
woke up...went to chruch...was as sleepy as ever of course! then later went for choir practise at church..we are singing for christmas eve-midnight mas, christmas day morning mass, new year's eve mass(i shall think twice about that!),new year's day mass....
thats a whole load of masses..! hahaha... :P
we did alright...well at least i think so...we ACTUALLY sang everything without more than 5 mistakes! hahaha...
there are so little singers and so many instruments..sure la very cacat! :P we'll make it!

then later...louanne, louanne's mum and me...went to the FACON-Education fair! hahah..it was alright...i got more info on psychology! but now,my mum's asking me to go to public University because its much cheaper! i don't mind going to Public University...as long as i get a car to go with it! ahhaha....welll that's what they planned for me a looooong time ago..so hey,i'm not complaining...because deep down in my heart...i already know that i'll end up in FORM6!! gosh...wonder how i'll make it through form 6...its like damn [i]susah[/i] (hard)!!!! oh well...just bring it on...hahah...i can do it! now the problem is..ARTS / SCIENCE?? science'll be so damn hard...but thats leading to psychology...Arts will be easier in a way...but its still hard...i mean i have science background and all... :? :? :? :? :? :?

hahhahahaha....so heck...don't wanna think about it la..

my neighbour's neighbour's is having a funeral...someone passed away... :(
they're gonna play chinese classical music all night long! wonder how am i gonna sleep! but i don't mind...not everyday someone dies...right?i don't even know who's that! hahaha...

:arrow: so i've gotta go...i've got only half hour to blog...thats like so little time...i had to set "away" on msn...and ignore all those ppl on my list...Nadia's gone...now i can't send her the pictures! damn! i'm so bad! :roll:

gotsta go...

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/05/2007 10:20:00 PM

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