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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i met ps, finally! after a year. it'was fun. but din get to chat much cos we went out with Lea, Joyce and Gaithri. I'm not close to Joyce and Gaithri. so yeah, a bit weird la.

but twas FUN! we were talking and gossipping after ps left to see Jonathan, Simon, Jayee and Chang Weng. we stopped by their football watching table too. then we had ice cream.

and came back. Pictures later. i'm too lazy to edit. besids, its 1227. i need to sleep!:)

its so nice seeing Lea and Ps after so long. Still the same. we talked about the same things. thinking back, updating ourselves with whats new...but its like their first time coming back from overseas, so the conversation was mostly "how was it there..." Joyce and me were just listening...haha..both of us still here!:) Just like how when i met up with KarenLee and Wingsun..haha. this time was UK and Australia.

i mis them already.

i'm definitely seeing Lea again, The Curve this Sunday??

ps will be gone by then. byeee..:) msn you soon.

soon Lav will be gone. Tk also will get a new Uni placement soon...

i just hope our friendship lasts till we are grey and wrinkled
...even if it is going yam cha once in a while :)

Karen wrote this at.. 6/21/2006 12:38:00 AM

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