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Friday, June 23, 2006

there are SO many things that i wanna blog about.

i met sidney for lunch today. ate yums vegan economic rice


few days ago, i saw an injured monkey on the road. SO POOR THING OK!!! i dunno who to call, who do i call if i see an injured animal? SPCA? BOMBA? poor monkey. i hope he makes it.


so the sign up sheets for research are up. One of it says, "This experiment is for CHINESE ONLY" so i asked myself, am i chinese too? or am i indian?

what do you think?

most of y'all will answer that i'm more indian (like duh, the skin colour. everyone judges you by your skin colour anyways, and i'm forced to write "india" in my bangsa/race section in all formal documents)

but what if i'm like the same person, but only much fairer, would you say i'm indian too?

i'm in between. not chinese or indian. i can never get along with both extremes. altho i claim im more chinese than indian cos i speak the language, i don't really think so, come to think of it. its just the language. i'd like to think that i'm not indian nor chinese, i'm malaysian, thank you.

does all mix-parentage kids feel the same way too? or is it just me?


went for Col. Goh's (the DSA guy) farewell party. I don't really know him well. i'm a new prez and i've never worked with him before, but then again, i know he approves of all of our events. and i am grateful for that!:) loud old man, but young at heart!:) nice man!:)


i look like i got a lot of parking tickets. Everyone will somehow choose me to ask for parking tickets in the car park! sheeeshh.


dumdeedum. i hope TK comes to HUC! hhhahahahaha.


ps is sick. poor fella.


i was so angry today! OMG! but i kept my cool.


i'm watching full house season2 now. :)


Karen wrote this at.. 6/23/2006 12:42:00 AM

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