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Thursday, April 20, 2006

randomness #1
i've been singing my choir songs lately.

like, "i feel pretty, ohso pretty, i feel pretty and witty and bright......and i pity, any girl who isn't me tonight...any girl who isn't me tonight"

and, "midnight, not a sound on the *sth* *sth*....."

and, "zipadeedodah, zipadeeeh, my owh my what a wondeful day, plenty of sunshine *sth* *sth* *sth*, zipadeedodah, zipadeeeh...."


hazel, you remember?

randomness #2
my cousin's getting married. yes, next week. HAHA. she had a baby few months ago (safe sex campaign needs to have a roadshow at Taiping). she's 19. a year younger than me and a mum now. i saw my new niece already at CNY. but they said, they were "taking care of someone else's child". then i was wondering, how come even on CNY Day she was still there.....then i put the pieces together during our reunion dinner( and a whole load of eavesdropping, in Hokkien somemore!). her boy friend was there. and yea, can guess adey la. they baby looks so like her.

the reason i'm only blogging about it now, its because, she'sgettign married now, and there is nothing to hide! haha. hope she is making the right decision.

i won't be able to attend her wedding. would love to see her bf/husband.

i used to play masak masak with her. played under the bed...played in the plastic swimming pool...wore same same clothes. haha. owh well. distance and language was a barrier.

baby joey. her daughter.

randomness #3
my exams on Monday and i ahve so much mood to blog today!

randomness #4
did i mention how much i love the camwhoring pics below. i look so clean, without pimples and stuff! haha

randomness #5
i am currently the President of the ADP Student Council. ugh. can u imagine? me? president. i tell you, i am so gonna make a fool out of myself next sem...WHY WHY!!! im so stupid. in a way, its good to you know, expand my abilities, but i have very low self esteem and i seriously think i cannot do it.oh gosh. just hope the semester ends quickly.

randomness #6
i finished studying chapters 7,8,9,10,12....13,14,15,16 more to go. for business. yay!

randomness #7
Jessica Yap just told me about her existing blog. but she does not want me to read it. but she wants me to make a layout for her. :/
i don't know if i can make layouts for those who don't let me see their blogs. HAHA. obviously, i need to see it right? to make it look pretty! haha. owh well, maybe she wants privacy.

randomness #8
have you seen my new and improved Livejournal? HAHA. its so pretty, cos now i have like a paid account, only i'm paying by having the ads on my lj!

randomness #9
i'm contempelating on buying this ikat-ikat thai pants. but i'm scared it will nto fit me. considering, the growing bigger and bigger butt i have.

randomness #10
i'm going to chair my almost first meeting tmr. wish me luck. i need it.

see ya!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 4/20/2006 11:34:00 PM

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