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Saturday, April 29, 2006
spring has ended..

well, at least my semester!:) i did my last exam today!:D

felt so relieved after that. really. went to toilet to pee, cos i was holding it in cos i needed to check everything again, i always shade the wrong answers in the MCQ answer sheet. today, i shaded 3 wrong answers! whoaaa.. 3 OK!! i sound so kiasu, but 3 makes a lot of difference, considering i never did much bonus marks papers.

i should make a resolution to do ALL bonus marks papers/assignments next semester!:) HAHA.

next semester, i really dunno what subjects to take. maybe research methods. computers. world religion. i wanna do a math course. cos maths is easy A. but they are only offering calculus! Dy/Dx. NO WAY! no Miss Teoh, my Add Math sure sucks like gila wan. i want college algebra/finite maths. but they are not offering it next semester.

i really wonder what i got for design. the only subject i spent SOMUCH time doing and i loved it. they are offering Design II next semester. i wonder if i should take. maybe i should. but its like for no reason i take. make my dad pay so much only haha.

owh well.

how do you like my new blog layout? i absolutely love it!:) haha. something different at least. very organized and colour coordinated! haha. i love the links!

i smell of Timtam boy now. cos i just bathe him. hehe. yeaps. my first time bathing my dog. because he's so smelly. haha.

Shermaine's here now...she always comes when i finished my exams. i remember going out last semeste with her to watch Constant Gardner after my exams.

Elaine belaineeeyyyyyyy won't be in the same class as me anymore. boo hooo... i will try to learn blogdrive to make alyout for u k? thanx for this semester! it was SO MUCH FUN!:) here's to next sem. hope we take some subjects together!:)

i think i should bathe. and sleeeeeeepp.. hahaha. will be seeing sidney tonight for dinner. yay!

i love my life :)

see ya.

Karen wrote this at.. 4/29/2006 02:14:00 PM

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