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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finally! Desperate Housewives S2E11 is out!:) or am i too late adey that everyone else also watched already? i love watching these tv series one day after americans do, but the wait is just too long!!! and somemore they stopped it for the christmas season. so sucky! hehe. but anyways, i'd better start doing my design assignment. i need to turn my highschool cover into something else.

Assignment no 1.
SMKB's yearbook cover was like so "pearly" i wonder what were they thinking.. haha. i need to make it back into a nicer one. i was wondering if i could take CIMP's cover. maybe i shall cook up some soap story about how my highschool yearbook went missing and i only have my CIMP yearbook! ahhaa!:) hehehehe. i dun have much inspiration to redo my highschool cover..but i would so love to redo my CIMP covers cos i was more involved in CIMP's edboard than SMKB's edboard. huumpphh... shall take a look at my highschool cover later.

deadline:13th Feb.

Assignment no 2.
developmental psych assignment. i was supposed to write about myself in the past , present and predict my development for the future. like a diary kinda thing. looks interesting. but whooaaa.. i think it is going to be damn hard! but whats so hard, i write crap almost everyday of my life ever since i started blogging. i told Elaine, " this should be easy huh, writing about my life." she was like " because u're a blogger is it?" i was like "NOOOO, writing about life only what, whats so hard!" yeaaaaa right. its really very hard, ok! i was thinking about what to write yesterday while i was about to sleep. come to think about it, i don't really remember how i was like when i was young. really. i always tell everyone that i have BAD long term memory! and i don't remember many many things! especially when i was a child. a lot of things that my mum tell me, i would be wondering what the heelll? did i say that? i guess i got infantile amnesia. but doesn't everyone? mine's worst. damn bad. hehe.owh well, i'd better get started soon!!

deadline:13th Feb.

Instead of doing a research for this class, Elaine and I decided to visit this place called Tasputra in Ampang. where we need to work with kids with special needs.


1. To care and train multiple handicapped children form all races and religious backgrounds of the lower income group of parents and also from single parents.

Core Activity: Welfare

Area of Interest: Education, Multiple handicapped children's care and training.

Type of Activity: Training, Social gatherings.

Affiliation: Perkim.

Publications: Nil

Got it from here.
They want volunteers to play with the kids and help them learn things. like swimming, help in thier speech theraphy, reading and stuff. i really hope i learn alot from this project. and i hope it will help me alot in becoming a psychologist!:) so yea, we will be going there starting next wednesday i think:) hehe.

deadline:end of the semester!

Assignment no 3.
Business essay... :
You are the management of HELP U C. Describe how you would go about determining how to improve and improving upon what HELP has achieved so far. Be specific in your answer.

HAHA! this should be fun! anyone got any complaints about HELP? please do write to me here, then i can include in my essay!:) hahaha.

deadline:16th Feb.

thats about it, the most recent. i still have one more class to attend tomorrow, Intro to research methods. haih. the most scary one, cos its miss winnee. she will be asking PY101 questions. i'd better go and study PY101 today!:) hehe. thats going to be part of my grade!:)

i was supposed to go out today, but wei foong called in sick. so yea, i decided to stay home also. not feeling too well, the time of the month. no wonder i had stomachache yesterday night!! haha. and i was blaming it on the ice-cream. hehe. i think i shall have some ice cream later. feeling kinda hungry. you know, when i get period, i always either feel damn full or damn hungry and i go to the toilet ALOT! i dunno why! does everyone else feel this way when they get their period? (girls only la!)

i think later tonight we'll be going out to visit my cousin's grandfather who is in the hospital. nice fella that grandfather:) i like him. too bad he's sick. hope he's alright! speaking of grandfathers, my grandfather is also very sick. ok, not really sick, only very old. he's about 90+ years old already! he cannot walk really well and now even pees in his sarong. poor tata..hope he's alright and my grandmother is treating him well.

chinese new year is around the corner. it would be a very sad sad chinese new year for us this year. my uncle passed away a few months back. almost a year already! he passed away after chinese new year last year. its going to be an emo one, cos last year we were there at his room, teman-ing him. singing karaoke with him. i remember bringing the laptop and putting songs into his mp3 player. sitting at the porch with him trying to convince him that there is this new medicine that will work...in the end it did not and he's moved on. :( damn sad... i feel damn attached to him after him being in KL and us following him to chemotheraphy. then after that, his funeral, i was there all the way throughout his prayers thingy. i do hope he's living well somewhere there with the house and all the money we burnt for him. we burnt him astro, cars, big big house with servants and loads of lotus flowers.
it seems that, according to the buddhist/taoist custom that he needs about 8 lotus flowers (folded sacred papers) to come visit his family members. we made so many bags of lotus flowers! owh well.

i've written so much. i think writing is such a theraphy. but too bad i can't write alot here... if only life was much easier. if only.

anywhooooooooooooooooooooo, this layout nice hor? i really like it alot alot! cos its black and simple. and my links are all covered up and people can only read my entries. HAHA. i will be posting more pictures from now on, instead of writings, occasionally i will write alot alot like this time.

i think i wanna go eat ice cream and sleep. HAHA im so going to be damn fat!:) byebye!


i call it pinkerrilicious!

Karen wrote this at.. 1/10/2006 02:45:00 PM

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