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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

quick updates..

i met the Malaysian Idol!!! yea, yeah, the waaayy more talented one ofcourse..:)
we went to the shooting of the show, everyday's a friday at TGIF, the curve yesterday.
met Jacklyn and Serena C. hehe. fun fun. but the shooting was so fake. i mean, they pretended to laugh at serena C's jokes after shooting the talkshow! siao wan..hehe.
then when jacklyn was singing, she came and shook our hands during her song..but the producer and director made the other side of the people pretend to "move head to the song" STUPID, now you cannot see me on tv shaking Jacklyn's hands! HAHA..

btw, watch me on tv (as if!!) on the 23rd January 2006 MIDNIGHT/ 1215 i think. im not sure. its on a monday night.

Everyday's a friday at TGIF..

here are some pictures!+4

i look so fat beside her ok! she's so skinny!!!:)


Serena C was the host of the show..

camwhoring before the show!:)

been doing loads of shopping yesterday and today.
i bought.....
i'm a happy child! more shopping later today! i love my mum!:) (she give money marr..)

on the other note, my "problem"has not solved yet. im still waiting:)

merry christmas everyone!!:) :)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/21/2005 03:23:00 PM

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