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Sunday, January 08, 2006
i'm bacccckkk...

yesterday was a fun day! one whole day with Sidney. went to college,
got my subjects registered. went to see my results. haih. saddening.
there goes my motivation. BUT, NO, bad results only make me study
harder next sem. so yea, please, if u see me online, ask me to buzz off
and study. thanx.

got 3.5 currently, according to the online gpa calculator.

later went to BSC. walked around, went to Times, read “The English
Roses” by Madonna. cute story..next went to talk to my friends,
apologized and talked. i guess we’re ok now. well, i hope…later sent
mum home.

went to 1U after that, and had so much fun walking around and
browsing things that are un-buy-able. we watched “The Wig”. damn freaky
show. its about this haunted wig that kills people to find her lover. haha. ok. i think i just let out a bit too much.

owh well, i doubt any of you would watch Korean Horror movies!haha.
things me and sidney do. we watched almost every Japanese/Korean/Thai
horror movies in the cinema. like a ritual! :)

haih. college starts on monday. im SO dreading it.

stop whining.

anyways, im moving again, to wordpress on my domain.i hope. if justin is willing to help me change it :/

owh well, if not i shall password protect all my prev entries and open this blog to the world. or should i stick to blogger?

life choices.

i saw guan lim at the Education Fair today, promoting for HKU, i waved at him like mad, but he was too busy.

You know, i should start writing like I am writing for academic
purposes. I should start writing like this.Notice the difference? I’m
actually capitalizing all the appropriate words. Now it looks like
Denise’s writings. Her words and all are all nice nice nice. (hahaha, if i wanted to write correctly, nice,nice is SO out)

Maybe one day my English Writing would be much better. That is the
whole point of a blog isn’t it? be a better writer! NOT. Blogs are here
for anyone to write anything in the world. Right?

HAHA. Ca-cat-nyer.


just rechecked + recalculated my cgpa. 3.545. i was wondering if we
need to bundarkan. then, i would get a 3.6! haha. a bit higher. :P
makes me happier. which means only 0.4 more to get 4! hahaha. im mad, i
know. but i just love challenging myself. even if it sucks out my
social life. :)

Just wanna share some pictures i took recently.

This picture was taken in a dressing room, as you can see. i was
choosing my christmas outfit. and this is it!:) nice? haha. It is SO
not me right? with high heels all. HAHA. madness..this dress is SO not me!:)


HAHA. so damn old school right? zaman dahulu kala kinda thing. cos
IT IS!! it is my mum’s. when she was a lil younger, not too
long ago i think! hehehehe. i look damn cacat here.with dorky specs.

ok thats all.

i think im going to do a double major in marketing and psychology. i’m all set!:) yo!



ok, well, im back!:)
nice or not my layout? HAHA. no, i did not do this layout. got it from some template maker.

so,yeah, anyone wanna gimme hugs for coming back??:)

i doubt!:)

see ya!:) gonna makan now..

Karen wrote this at.. 1/08/2006 02:35:00 PM

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