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Monday, January 09, 2006
back to school


ok, so i was SO dreading going back to school. but one thing i was SO looking forward to are my stationaries and bag!!:) ok, so i got a new bag. as of now i have more than 15 bags. yay to me. well, ok what for a beginner. right?

ok, so i've become such a girly girl with pink bags and matching pencil case (pink too) but i really like the colour pink. :D hehe. there was another colour for that bag in Jusco, but it was kinda very ugly. (blue, the shades of blue was out!) so pink was the only one left. and it was RM17.90!! what a steal!:) im a cheapskate, i know. but hey, at least i don't pay RM200++ for a tshirt! thats madness, i cannot imagine me paying that amount of money for one tshirt or a jeans!
ok, maybe some people with rich parents can afford to do that, but i SO cannot. i doubt i will have the heart to pay that much even when im earning*. (* it will be a different answer if im a millionaire by the time im 25. HAHA! )

i'll be graduating when im 23. so in 2 years i SO cannot be a millionaire! hehe. but you'll never know, maybe i will strike 4D or something! owh well. dream on. i dun even know what am i going to be when i graduate!:(

hahaha. Sidney's having this room-warming party at his new place. i tell you, his condo SO damn chun!!:) i wanna stay there too!:) wanna see how it looks like?


hahaha. i'm on this posting-big-pictures-period... just bear with me. HAHA. (i'm so sorry dial up users, but, come on, get broadband already! streamyx is just as cheap as dial up!)

owh well.. i can't live without broadband. :)

today's classes was nice. i think. haha.
  1. Introduction to Design. - many many familiar faces there. the class seems ok. i got my lab C. but everyone else is in lab B. i should have signed up for lab B :( haih. nvm, make new friends. make new friends
  2. Developmental Psychology. - was with Elaine. we decided to go do the visiting a special day care centre for children with special needs. i think i will so look forward to that. new experience for me. totally! i can't wait. besides that, puan fatimah, is as usual. err.. puan fatimah, if you get what i mean!;)
  3. Introduction to Business. - Justin and Wilson was my teman in business class. i feel so awkward in business class! haha. its not like the subject is awkward, but the people in there. it is like everyone there is like so not like psych class!:) hehe. but the class seems alright :)

thats about it la..i think. oh btw, look what i found in 7-11 that day...

push pops

ahahahhaa..don't you remember?? push pops!!! we used to eat this when we're young!:)

ok enough la, 10pm adey. gonna ask my mum if i can go out tmr to go outing with weifoong,tk and waikit and their friends..:)


Karen wrote this at.. 1/09/2006 08:55:00 PM

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