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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
OMG, look at my layout!

isn't it DARN pretty?

HAHAHAHAHAHA.. ok,i know u're like going, "but its just falling snowflakes?"

BUT still, its my first time having anything flash on my blog.
Phan shean made the flash last night, i practically bugged him to do so!:P hahahaha...and yeah, im so damn interested, Macromedia Flash, here i come!:)

CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!!!!!i feel like i am so late...people already feel the christmas so long ago!

walking in shopping malls with christmas music, trying on christmas dresses, looking and buying presents adey>>>definitely christmas!:)

i'm like showing everyone my layout...hahaha. no one seems to be impressed. HAH! nvm...at least TK saw it and thought it was awesome.

nothing has changed, besides the layout, OWH my picture up there, took it in the sticker photo booth. love that picture!:) heehee..and it is also best viewed in Internet Explorer.

so change ur browser now and see better alignment and yeah, the blog just looks nicer.

i need to bathe and brush teeth, yes, i haven't done all that, woke up and came to see my pretty blog. HAHA.

anyways, need to go makan now, then putting up christmas tree! we are doing it NOW only cos my brother was working and yea, today's his off day!

see ya blogging people and people who read!:)

love all of you loads!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/14/2005 12:53:00 PM

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