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Friday, December 16, 2005
gimme some love!

i made that when i wanted to make my layout, then phan shean tweaked it and flashed it..

i need some hugz from everyone!!:)

and guess what?
Daisypath Ticker

hehe. today was SO not productive...sad sad day..

but heck, i cannot be sad, there's a whole load of things happening tmr and the week after. MUST put on happy face. or other persona's (as jung would put it)

anyways, i'm attempting to explain my personality using the MacCrae and Costa's big 5.
hahaha. will try to explain it when i get my personality notes later. i bet you guys won't understand, unless you read about the big 5.

i love the OC mix.

im NOT going for RTW6. how sad..:(

sucks la. but i've got 2 christmas parties to attend tmr. i hope its worth it. skipping rtw6. partially also because my bro is workking. and no one to go with me. haih

owh ya. im making this recipe book for sidney. i hope he likes it:) tho my photoshop skills are so not creative adey! haha. i dun have pagemaker la. sucks. i should learn illustrator. need the CD.

my fishes died. and my dad doesn't want anymore fishes. poor fishies.

timtamboy's going to be away from us for 5 freaking days!!! whoaaa..im sure gonna miss that fella! he's going to stay at some pet hotel thingy. in some vet's clinic. whattodo. no one wanna jaga my timtamboy...

i love coke! yumms.

tomorrow's amelia's birthday! she's in Penang now i think...:)

her favourite clour is GREEN!! heehee. i miss her adey. so long never go college! hehe.

haih. i hope everything turns out fine with the people who i hang out with in college. i really dun want to lose friends.hugz!

Lavena won some contest thingy! hahaha. so nice. some hotlink party thingy.

Forever young, i wanna be forever young...
-Youth Group

nice song...anyways, im running out of things to say. byebye

Karen wrote this at.. 12/16/2005 09:33:00 PM

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