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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
outing with Lav and tk

we went to the national library! serious shit. i even borrowed a book on counselling, which i have not opened yet. busy la. HAHA!

i knew i shouldn't have borrowed!:p

so we went to library for like an hour and went to bukit bintang. HAHA.

ok, shall blog with pictures. i've make it so small that we can fit so many and it won't hurt ur eyes..:P

ok. whoa. abt 20+ pics. will try to upload by tonight. if not tmr!:)


so ok, since im not sleepy, i shall upload pictures!!:) and do the cut and paste routine for 30 pictures! hehe.
TK and Lavena, please choose what pics you want so that i can resize them for u k?unless u want these small pictures!:P

ok, here goes, we started the journey in the car, camwhoring, well, ofcourse, i was the one that insistes we took pics! because, not always i get to see lavena and tk right??
so, we took some pics in the car
Right pic, i was taking pic of myself, and tk was being a sibuk.
after reaching National Library, we din take any pictures there, as they said we're not allowed to bring any camera there, so no pics:( NEXT, playing dress up at Metrojaya, Sg. Wang. haha. TK and Lavena was like my dress picker, pastering me to wear dresses. hehe. i was looking for a christmas dress! help me choose, i have these in mind.

OK, so tell me which one is the best? i'm going to buy one of those if i can't find anything else nice and cheap!:)
after playing dress up, we were hungry and went to Secret Recipe for cheese cakes!yums..the service there sucks like mad!!! people there dunno how to work wan. i was so furious!!!waited for so damn long for the menu, and waited SO long for the cakes...we took more pics

anyways, back to cheese cakes..lefty: the power of three.. righty: the new york cheese cake(or sth like that!)
we ate and talked and talked. nice nice. i miss talking craps with people i can talk to. heehee. hope tmr's outing will be productive. although, i doubt. maybe i shall talk them into going back to my house to watch dvd and lepak! heehee.
NEXT stop, we walked and walked like mad people. went to Lot10, KL plaza, back to Sg. Wang. Lavena wanted to find some make-up stuffs, Tk wanted some latest comic and lavena wanted to find out abt navel piercing. scary looking people told us abt navel piercing. hahaha... and guess what i found?? the sticker photo booths!!!!!! ofcoz, we did not spend much there, in fact, we din even spend la! just used the facility with my own camera! hahaha. here goes a whole load of cam-whoring by Karen, Lavena and TK.
WHOA! thats a whole load of pictures! i hope you liked it! heck, i like it, that is all that matters!:)
see ya people!:)
tomorrow's another day. life's good!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/14/2005 11:55:00 PM

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