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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

can everyone send me their house addresses?
send it to marie.karen@gmail.com?
i wanna update my address book:)

Mr. Miyagi aka Pat Morita (in real life la..) passed away!

he acted in Karate Kid 1,2 and 3?? that japanese fella? remember? i just watched Karate Kid 1 on AXN yesterday! hehe.

i love karate Kid. used to have a crush on Ralph Macchio. hahaha. funny, but true. and i still watch it if its on tv! hehhe...

photo source: espn

anyways. RIP Mr Miyagi. love your shows!

on another note. you know when i drive, i always think of things to write down on me journal/blog. but i always forget!:(

anyways, i wasted so much time adey yesterday. today must study english like mad. *study english?? ahha. our lecturer gave us what to study for critical analysis and essay!*

hehe. nice huh?

i was playing with my pretty beads photo using photoshop.

watercoloured beads
using watercolour filter.

only riki thinks its nice. haha. others either never saw, or just don't care! i dunno.

hehe. i need to join a photography community where people will tell me if my shot is nice, or its just ugly.

i have no lunch. haih. lazy to go out la. i think i shall eat hash browns with half boiled eggs. yumm.

i'm uploading photos to my multiply like mad cos its the end of the month and i have 100+ place left to upload. haha. cos i wanna upload almost all my photos online...so that if whatever happens to my lap top/comp (*touch wood*) i still have back up!:)

ok i shall leave now.

owwh, did i tell you i'm in love with black and white photos!:)

hehe. can't wait for christmas!!! i wanna go carolling!!!! dun care with what group. haha. just wanna sing out loud. and get money. but this year cannot go to pubs and shopping malls. priest dun let. :(

anyhoooooooooooooo..i need to burn the OC mix into a CD!:P


Karen wrote this at.. 11/29/2005 10:39:00 AM

Monday, November 28, 2005
karen loves her camera!

i was procrastinating (how to spell adey ar? lazy to look at answers.com!)...

anyways, here's what i did..took photos ofcoz!:)

flickr so darn sloww...haha. ok rephrase that. streamyx so darn slowww..

my brother's working for streamyx. he should change it to the higher one right? with more MB's.. hehe.








Karen wrote this at.. 11/28/2005 09:40:00 PM


guess what?

my brother has a blog!


this post will be sticky...until 9th..:)

can everyone send me their house addresses?
send it to marie.karen@gmail.com?
i wanna update my address book:)

Karen wrote this at.. 11/28/2005 12:25:00 PM

Sunday, November 27, 2005
i was posting at happycafe.

food in packets...

lunch: rojak
dinner: siew mai's...(my parents somehow think i can finish ALL that,madness!)

link: HAPPY CAFE! :)

i studied a lil today. ok la. considering my whole body hurting like MAD! went for yoga yest. and man i tell u today's pain is the worst!!

i couldn't even move at 12pm today! slept till 2pm. then slept again till 3..so darn tired. my stomach still hurts now :(

managed to d/l OC mix 3,4 and 5. listening to it now. really yummy music. at least i like! :)

i love this song a lot..Shout Out Louds Wish i was dead Pt. 2.

real nice. hehe. emo music. i think. haha they're Sweedish!

this song is cute!(video and lyrics) hehe. by LCD Soundsystem. they're Australian i think...(unless they are touring at Aussie, but from somewhere else..hmmm..malas la wanna read! haha.the biography so long winded..)

for more info, d/l or buy OC MIX 5. but 5's the best so far..

3 and 4 are nice also.

alright. i think its time for me to study again. my stomach hurts tho:(

and my mum will be home tmr! owwhh gosh.. i miss being alone with the house all to myself!

Karen wrote this at.. 11/27/2005 10:05:00 PM


can everyone send me their house addresses?

send it to marie.karen@gmail.com?


i wanna update my address book:)

Karen wrote this at.. 11/27/2005 11:50:00 AM

guess what i ate for dinner?

yumyum. hehe. studied till 1130. beh tahan liao.
need to get my fix of sidney on msn. haha.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/27/2005 12:25:00 AM

Saturday, November 26, 2005
music from the OC


Sidney!!! my brother is giving u SWAT4 dvd game...:)

and i am on break from studying. yay! listening to music from the OC5. i d/l this cd long ago. only now im listening.

listening to my msn friend's rap song. its kinda ok. but he dissed a few notable malaysian rappers. not good. haha.

llalalalallalallalalalllalalla....i am now d/l music from the oc 1,2,3 and 4... love love love it.


Karen wrote this at.. 11/26/2005 09:55:00 PM

i finished

one chapter. and im so procrastinating.

need a slap



Karen wrote this at.. 11/26/2005 05:40:00 PM

Friday, November 25, 2005

these people. click to read! so malu-fied to be a malaysian police now right? it has even reached BBC. sheesshh..dum dum police.

anyways, NOBODY came to my site since last night??

no one commented on how the blog looks?

come on people! i need constructive comments...like whats nice and whats not? kays?

i started planning what to study and when! yay!

Friday, Sat, sunday - PY221
Monday, Tuesday- EN102
Wed, Thurs - MA125

FRIDAY- EXAM!!!!! EN102 & MA125

Friday, saturday,sunday,monday,tuesday - BL101

Wednesday - EXAM!!!!!! BL101

Wed, Thurs - PY221

Friday - EXAM!!!! PY221

haha. ok. so i've got everything planned. so now...need to study!


i made this!:P just a while ago when pughan was here. he taught me how to make the shape using paths..something which i never knew!:)

fisheys copy
the fishes pic was taken in Pulau Redang.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/25/2005 05:52:00 PM

look inside d pics, u'll see me. now.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/25/2005 02:44:00 PM



listen to this..super farnee..

*karen does not have anything to do with the song or intend to dedicate this song to anyone. its offensive and i love my malay friends to bits. just sharing this file*

Karen wrote this at.. 11/25/2005 12:00:00 AM

Thursday, November 24, 2005
mnml lyt

mnml lyt = minimal layout

nice or not? i love the links.

best viewed in IE la. mozilla just spoils the links. sheesshhh..

links lead you to my phlog.

anyways. too much links is not good.

so comment on the layout? what do you think?

i did this in 2 hours.

now im happy to sleep and study tmr.

what time should i wake up?

Karen wrote this at.. 11/24/2005 11:44:00 PM


i got a phlog! i got a phlog!

i wanted pixelpost. cos it looks cooler. but i dun have enough knowledge on PHP and MySQL. sheeeshh. someone help me? and my hosting space for lyyyl.net is so darn small. haha

anyways. phlog will do. i like it.



Karen wrote this at.. 11/24/2005 04:41:00 PM

morning announcement.

was browsing through Glorie's blog. then i saw, www.cimps.net

hehe. good ol' CIMP's website. looks so fun. but somehow the close-ness feeling i have sith CIMP did not show. hehe. maybe cos ALL the lecturers i knew left. and yea. new faces.
i'll always hold on to the year 2004. all the memories. all the fun. nothing can beat that!:)

then, i saw this thing that reminded me of our morning announcement back then. nothing changed!still so many thing remained...

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
Posted by: cimpsnet on 11/08/2005 09:53 AM
Updated by: cimpsnet on 11/08/2005 09:53 AM
Expires: 11/12/2005 12:00 AM

Morning Announcement

1. TIMETABLE CHANGES. Changes can be done today from 9.30am until 3.00 pm at the CIMP office. Ry

2. GOWNS for the GRADUATION CEREMONY. Graduating students participating in the ceremony must wear the graduation gown, which will be rented. To register for the gown, a booth will be set up at the 2nd floor foyer on Wednesday (9/11) and Thursday (10/11) for payment. Rental charges will be:

Graduation Gown RM 45.00
Refundable Deposit RM 100.00
Total Payable RM 145.00

All graduating student, please make a point to visit the booth to collect your graduation information sheet as well. Leeza

3. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT ACTIVITIES. Graduating students who have not fulfilled the community service will not receive their diploma until such documentation is provided. You can still graduate but you will not receive your diploma at that time.

If you have completed the COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT ACTIVITIES forms, please put them in the pigeon hole outside the admin office, or submit them to your IDC4U Teacher or Puan Leeza by Friday, November 18th. Leeza

This week is CIMP’s last theme day – T-Shirt Signing Day. It is a chance for all students to make some memories last forever on your favourite CIMP T-Shirt. You can purchase your T-Shirt from the council every day this week on the 2nd floor for only RM 17. JB

This Friday… come and see the best football team on the face of the Earth! Your very own CIMP lecturers will be taking on the best that CIMP has to offer in a winner takes all football match before the BBQ on Friday at 4:30pm. Watch Mr. Francis’ supreme fire kick and Mr. Jason’s diversional tactics and stick around for the BBQ following the game. BBQ tickets can be bought from student council this week on the 2nd floor for RM 10. JB

3. CIMP’s Animal Awareness Week
If you strongly disagree with the fact that animal abusers currently face a maximum fine of only RM 200, then you need to drop by CIMP’s booth at the foyer to sign the petition to help raise the fines! JB


aaahh..memories memories. CIMP edboard came up with another album too!:) nice nice. i miss edboard and mr avila, ms song, mr tan..all me edboard members.

owwwh ya, i took the form to apply for Student Tutorship for Spring 2006. you think i can be a tutor and tutor all gen psych students? hehe. i did get an A for gen psych.
but you think im up for it??
need to put resume all. hehe. should i put all my CIMP extra curricular activities?? hehe.but yeah. need to be prepared to do loads of stuff. ADPSC somemore next sem. haha. after next year, i wanna quit ADPSC. and join something else. maybe go back to american flyer. then maybe after a few sems. go join sth else. i wanna make sure i joined everything in college. hehe. dowan to stick to just one club.

anywaysssssss....i wanted to blog about so many things, but i completely forgot.

oowwwwh yaaaa..sze mays organizing this gathering of ex-3B, 2001 people. PHAN SHEAAANNNNN...you're going to miss this! so sad..
but im so darn excited!!! hahaha. back to the old old days. things would be so different. everyone so big big adey. most of em not around. all in australia la, uk la. canada la..
so fun. i hope it would be. and i hope she invited everyone. and not only like our gang. :)
its on the 3rd. exam period. but i can't afford to miss such a partyy! hehe. shall sacrifice time.

i wanna go sleep!
byebye. i dowan to study today. and start studying tmr. heehee. chiows.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/24/2005 02:51:00 PM

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
can't believe its christmass!!!


tmr stats exam. im kinda OK with the preparation. 3 chapters only. tmr got loads of time to study.

should i
  1. go to college at 8, attend bio but study stats until 12
  2. stay at home and go to college at 12, skip bio?
i dunno la..should i or should i not? if i choose 1. i get to study from 8 - 12..thats like whooaaa..
if i pick 2. i prob will wakey at 10. go online. x time to study....aaaahhh..choices choices...

makes life interesting.


dec 17th. you going?

i sure am. if i win my battle with mum. you see, we have this BEC christmas party at that time. and i really would love to go. but i NEED my dose of malaysian gig before the year ends. its my ritual. me and my brother. haih. hope she gives in. if not there will be a LONG face on me on the 17th at that dumdum party.


we've been listening to musiccanteen christmas CD in the car and on computer since a few days ago. nice rocky christmas music. :) i like!

love naked breed's song on the CD. and one buck short's song. and Y2K's one is funny.

i miss small small gigs. hehe. i've never been for any this year. so sad.

can't miss RTW6!!!

alright. im babbling adey..

so many people added me on msn lately. i wonder from where they get my msn..
haha. owh ya. lj/forums.

hehe. weird. anyways, some girl named Kerry from Rotherham in the UK added me. do i know her? she said she havent been on msn for a while and i was in her contact list. weird. but owh well.

another person named matt kelvinas added me also. never chat wan. simply add.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/23/2005 11:00:00 PM

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
random thoughts

Karen wrote this at.. 11/22/2005 11:21:00 PM


HEY people!:)

Look what Sidney wrote!

click the thumbnail.....and it'll lead you to think.com.my!


Karen wrote this at.. 11/22/2005 06:36:00 PM

Monday, November 21, 2005
sleepy and stressed..

hey people.

had this conversation with a certain protestant today(one of my friends who reads my blog was there, but we shall keep the names to ourselves shall we?) . quite intriguing(sp?) my conversation with her.

at first we were talking about movies. then reached the exorcism of emily rose. she was like "it wasn't scary at all...and i think its an advertisement for....*stopped* are u a catholic?" i answered "yes" she continued, "..um yea, according to my friend, who read the real story of the real emily rose, she did not see Mary and the people added that just to make catholic sound good..in fac... the real emily rose did not say " i was the demon in kane, and *insert somemore names she said, i really forgot!* the real emily rose said i am kane and *insert somemore names she said, i really forgot!*. i'm a protestant you see..."

*the way she said it may be a lil different la, but thats the gist of it la*

haha. all that. just cos she's protestant. i never knew a protestant (okay i shouldn't generalize, but a few people) that has so much against catholicism. like come on, its a freaking movie! luckily my other protestant friends aren't like that. unless they hate catholics behind my back quietly. hehe. but i doubt!

luckily the person who is my friend who reads my blog changed the topic. or else she'l go on and on abt the movie being an advertisement for catholics.

owwwh well...that was interesting. she's a nice person overall from my little conversations with her. very outgoing person.

anyways. im very very sleepy. and i think i shall sleep before continuing my lab report. i just found out that the bonus marks work is due end of the week. wasted my time doing it only yesterday! sheeessshh..

i have to finish lab report today. by hook or by crook. haha.
really wan. cos tmr i need to study for my stats test 2 which carries 15%! i need a freaking A for my stats. i can't let my stats bring me down. hehe. so far all my tests and assignments ok la. not bad.

im finally going to pay for prom tmr. i hope row and mel bring their money. im going to snoozeeeee..byebye world.


owh, and we did not win the reserch colloqium! haha. i need better psychology-friends-who-would-do-work-and-actually-help-me-in-research next sem. so that i can also win research colloqium. hehe.

it was an experience. this sem. all my ups and downs with my friends. and assignments. now i know who really is a friend and who's just using me :)

shall have a lovey dovey end of semester post soon...to write up abt my whole sem-trials and tribulations..

*imake it sound so emo. haha*

graciefoo is coming back tmr!!

Karen wrote this at.. 11/21/2005 02:13:00 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2005
random photos from raya!








Karen wrote this at.. 11/20/2005 07:49:00 PM

Saturday, November 19, 2005

research colloqium sucked. well, mine sucked la. like big time. maybe i sucked. only.
oh well. at least we get our 3%! yayness!:)

im listening to malaysian music from Hitz.tv. i miss malaysian music. i miss going for gigs. i miss going for live shows. i miss my underground bands. now they're not exactly underground anymore. all famous famous adey. i miss being 16 and going for gigs was so happy.

i like this song. i think its by shelly leong. haha. i dunno, just guesing. i like tragic comedy's song. i think i have their EP. hehe. i also miss disagree. haha. miss jason lo. i miss W.I.T.T. haha. i rememeber last time i used to go gig-ing with my brother. then we'll meet up with Elaine. lainey ong. haha. she was a mad poetic ammo -point fan. till she got bored and was into rock music. i remember seeing her for the first time at KLCC during one of Poetic Ammo's shows. hehe.

aaahh... i wanna go gig-ing again!!!!!!

i want i want i want. i know my brother's not really interested anymore. so i need new kaki's...hehe..

owh well. i need to snap back to reality. i have 2 critique to do and one lab report to finish. stats assignment. study for stats. start studying for finals.. haih.

please ask me to do my lab report if u see me online? thanx..

i'm chatting with Ukay from CIMP. hehe. he's so excited to chat with me again! haha. so fun. someone actually misses me. hehe.

i finally saw karenlee and wingsun yesterday!!! it was so fun chatting with them and shopping with them. haih. i miss gracie foo now. cos it wasnt complete with only karen and wingsun!

karen lee did not get her haircut. thanx to that stooopid william. haih. so bad wan he. simply cancel!!!:( so sorry karenlee, do you still love me?? ;)

anyways. i took some pictures.photoshopped. as usual. waiting for flickr to upload only. hehe. while i do that.

CIMP Ed Board has come up with yet another album! yay! hehe. i miss edboard. go see Mr.Tan's site!

haih. i feel so lazy.. its already 611pm. i need to so do my lab report. at least the crappy introduction part.


kkw new hairstyle
haha. i was clipping up my hair cos i needed to bathe, but dowan to wash my hair. and i found my hairstyle very interesting. ahah

do you see the difference? hehe. do we look fatter after 9 months??i think i did. dont bluff me! hahaha. do we look all grown up now? haha. i am so glad i met them yesterday! hehe. so fun!

RESEARCH COLLOQIUM narscicism pictures!!
hehe. we took more, but mel deleted it just cos she thinks she doesn't look nice in there. i don't like it when people delete pictures. sheeessshh... cos then i won't have a choice as to whats noce to blog aabout. but i like this picture.. more in Amelia's camera!:)

research colloq
ok nuff said.

check out yamashitariki's site. so bomb. it changes pictures!! he's the one who did my lyyyl.net.

gtg bathe, feed the dog and start n my lab report!:) byebye!

Karen wrote this at.. 11/19/2005 05:34:00 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2005
free hair cut!

at high class place. hehe. toni and guys!

thanx to Sherreen...me new pal from HELP alevels dept.

hehe. i've never been to toni and guys before. or yet alone any other hair saloon in LOT 10!!

hehehe..it'was fun. Row came with me but she did not get her hair done cos William took SO LONG! 4 hours to be exact!!!

madness. my butt was so numb adey after 4 hours+

was bored..so took a picture of myself with william. well, he was doing his job, i was busy body and bored.


he was doing this square cut thingy on my hair, and he was trying to get the 90degree angle for the hair. haha. he and his workmates were discussing my hair in cantonese. har har. luckily my cantonese skills still boleh tahan.

actually, he did not get it right. he failed. hehe. but my hair looks fine. hehe. he's so precise in his work. he took 4 freaking hours! actually he tried the angel thing twice. like my picture said, Karen the guinea pig. i was.

so anyways, the final product:
how? nice? i think it looks the same. maybe the way he cut was different from titus, my kepong hairstylist. hehe. it looks nice. i like it...

OMG, i love love love love the hair products they used!!!! its called "Tigi-bedhead" or sth like that..lemme google...then i'll tell u..


i bet its damn expansive. but the scent of my hair now is so yummy i wanna smell it everydayy!!!! can i just make friends with William and ask him to smuggle me some hair products..hahahha..


i was bored. yea. and a lot of time to waste(NOT!!!!) i need to prepare for my presentation:(:(

haih. i took some flower pictures at Rowena's place :)




i dunno the names of the flower, don't ask me. hehe.. anyways, i think i wanna sleep early today and have a great start tmr!:) to hafal my presentation...

Karen wrote this at.. 11/17/2005 09:54:00 PM

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
i was blogging at college

im at hp towers cafe now, waiting for my father. Hehe. My dam dam bro took my car today. So I cannot get the car. And im stuck here till my dad's free to pick me up! Its so weird here man..everyone is so weird around me. Kinda sucky when I cannot really get along with these kinda people. Haha.... its amazing how many people I know smoke. In HELP. In sunway was so different...maybe all my friends were non smoking ones laa…hahaha..

.ok I just witnessed a fight....between this fella and this fella. This fella 1 was disturbing fella 2. and fella 1 was going overboard. And fella 2 got angry.. and fella 2 whack fella 1 and fella 1 whacked fella 2. now the fight is taken outside of HP towers café. Still outside. Still outside. All fella 1 and fella 2's friends went to calm fella 1 and fella 2 back. Ok now all fella and fella's friends are back. Its amazing how many spelling and grammar error im making right now. Hahah..its so colourful...green and red. Hehehehe. Haih. Ok instead of the fight the interesting bit of the day and stay at HP towers cafe.

now im bored again. Ok back to fella's story. Fella 1 is actually sitting in front of me...and he's angry..really angry. Its scary. I am really scared of people with short temper. Cos seriously they scare me. Good thing now the people I know is not really short tempered. If they are short tempered, I would so seriously keep away far far away from them.

Anyways. Ok bored again, I can't wait for prom. Seriously….i've never been to prom before and I so really wanna go.and I wanna go with Sidney only..:) heheh. I hope he can make it la. I really do. Even if he comes late, I don't mind. I’m goin to book tickets tmr by depositing money for our table. Anyone wwanna sit on our table??

the people sitting in our table are...Melody, Damian, Karen, Sidney, Rowena, Ephraim, Amelia, Ruffie...

hehe so cute...when I typed the smiley. A smiley actually came out. heheh..

owhh my, I wrote a lot today! Hahaha. Its been a while since I blogged. I love bringing lap top to college, but I hate carrying it around...and I also HATE the fact that people are smoking near my lap top...hahahaha...ok that's asking too much la. Cos prob the whole population of HELP smokes anyway and only one or two people is not smoking. (just a figure of speech la...)

Anyways, i am so bored, literally. Haih. Its so scary that people always fight fight.

I hate aggression!

Ok...enough of aggression crap. I cannot wait for dad to come. Serious. I have to do bio. Luckily Amelia is helping me to do our work. If not im so screwed. I need to prepare for presentation tmr.

anyways..(why do I keep saying anyways anyway??) hahaha.. ok. Back to the topic of presentation..i love my slides!!!:) hahaha. Its so pretty. But nothing beats the INDIVIDUALITY slides.....

Haha. Ok. Im at HELP block E now. No wireless. SUCKY RIGHT! Its like student lounge in level one. Put la some freaking wireless..what happened to the quality control people?? ISO people please come and check HELP's quality control?? It really sucks here.. the wireless....esp! Haih.

Its amazing how I got used to HELP adey. The people in HELP don’t seem thaaaat scary as I imagined. It really is not bad.

Oowwwwhh ya, I made a new friend today. Serena.......I saw her blog and commented about Cheryl Poo, who was my kawan last time in Sunway. Then she came up to me and asked me about Cheryl Poo…and how I knew her. I told her about WingSun, Gracie and all. Hehe. Yay! After so long I found more friends from PY221...and also who are bloggers…and I know them in real life. Hehe.

Also, today. I realized that I forgive people too easily. Hahaha. Like everytime my friends make my life hard, I always get so angry at them and when I see them back in college, I just forgive them. Maybe im just nice. What do you think?

Some girl, huiling actually just asked me for my lap top. And I said no. hahaha..
im making progress right?being not nice... Hahaha. I said no. even if im not sure what time my dad's coming to pick me up.how ar?? Hahah. Ohmyyy I just did a bad thing 

bad bad Karen. So mean la me. Haih. Just when I said I was nice. Hahaha. I always contradict myself…

Yay mel's here..company till daddy comes.

Haih. So sad la life without car. I think im getting too hooked on my car that I rely on it too much. But then again, I don't think so too. Cos I do take train around town.

You know, now I could actually do my bonus mark thingy for Psych. Critique on a poster. Its all over level one and 2 the posters. But im too lazy la haih..

Mel says hiiiiii!!!!!!and she also said QUOTE ”I’m hot! And also...I got a new dog-shih tzu, her names going to be either, bubbles, chanel or Chelsea, that’s all I can think of right now...it’s a girl and I’m going to make lots of money from her babies!”

I think I just saw monasha. Girl from taman bukit maluri school. Lea should know her. hehe. I did not say hi. Ahaha....also tak kenal her wan. I never really was introduced to her. hehe.

Karen wrote this at.. 11/16/2005 06:03:00 PM

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
RIP latino heat

Eddie Guerrero passed away on sunday. so sad. tho i don't really watch WWE anymore...i still remember eddie when he started WWF last time with chris benoit, dean malenko and gang. they were the Latino gang last time. its funny....how i still feel sad for him and his family. watching the wrestlers cry,made me tear a bit too :,,,( some of em, like benoit wept okaayysss!!! eddie made such a mark in WWE.

RIP latino heat, eddie.

this article below says so much about his life, which i never knew! read on...and feel all sad and morose too with me.


WWE's Eddie Guerrero dies at the age of 38.
By Eric Schomburg
November 13, 2005

It’s a sad day in professional wrestling, Eddie Guerrero, better known as “Latino Heat,” passed away at the age of 38.

This article is not about praising one company or bashing another, this is a column about one man who fought through addiction, fought through emotional problems, only to rise up and become one of the legendary wrestlers in professional wrestling history.

Eddie Guerrero, like most great wrestlers, was a part of a wrestling family where his father, the late Gory Guerrero, was considered a legend in Mexican wrestling. With his three brothers, Chavo Guerrero, Sr, Hector Guerrero, and Mando Guerrero, who were all wrestlers themselves.

Eddie started wrestling in 1987, when professional wrestling was booming with the likes of Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan. He wrestled in his home country Mexico. 6 years later, he would explore the land of the rising sun, Japan, to wrestle. It was until 1994, when ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling, chairman, Paul Heyman, discovered Eddie and gave him a job wrestling in the United States.

In ECW, Eddie won the ECW Television Title twice, and established himself as one of the greatest performers with his fast, high-paced matches that wrestling fans, including myself, enjoyed. Eddie had great matches with the likes of Dean Malenko, and Chris Benoit.

Guerrero would later sign with WCW, World Championship Wrestling, and would have great success there. He would win the United States Championship, and on two separate occasions, the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

However, Eddie would have a darker time while wrestling in WCW. Eddie would succumb to painkillers, and was addicted to other drugs. Another problem that Eddie suffered was the ardent love for the wrestling business; while in WCW, the “backbone” of the company–Benoit, Malenko, Mysterio, and Guerrero–was reduced down to mid-card status, which is decent, but for the great matches they were putting on they deserved better; however, the likes of Hulk Hogan and the nWo would overshadow the top of WCW while Guerrero was reduced to a “fill-in.”

In 1999, Eddie Guerrero was involved in a car crash in which some say was supposed to have killed him, but it didn’t, and he continued to wrestle for WCW. Finally, in the year 2000, Eddie was fed up with Eric Bischoff and WCW and left to sign with Vince McMahon.

While in WWE, Eddie’s debut would be cut short after a match with a tag-team named Degeneration-X, Eddie would dislocate his left arm and would have to wear a sling before he could wrestle again.

Eddie’s career was skyrocketing with great feuds with the likes of Chyna, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle. However, it wasn’t until 2004, when Eddie Guerrero defeated rising star, Brock Lesnar, to win the WWE Championship. It was then that Eddie Guerrero went from great wrestler to wrestling legend.

Eddie’s star turned gold with endorsement deals with Stacker 2, having his own DVD, and millions of fans praising Eddie for all of his hard work. What made Eddie’s dream even more sweeter was he retained the title at Wrestlemania XX, and his best friend, Chris Benoit, won the WWE World Heavyweight Title, which meant the two top titles in the WWE were held by Eddie and his best friend, Chris Benoit.

Eddie’s title reign wouldn’t last as he would be defeated by John Bradshaw Layfield. Eddie’s star would take a slight decline, but he would later win the WWE Tag-Team titles with tag team partner and friend, Rey Mysterio, Jr.

On November 11, 2005, Eddie Guerrero wrestled his last match against Ken Kennedy, in which he defeated the undefeated Ken Kennedy via disqualification.

Two days after his match, Eddie would pass away in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is strange because that is the hometown of Brock Lesnar, the man he won the WWE Title from, and it’s the home state of two other legendary wrestlers who passed away, Curt Hennig, and Rick Rude.

An interesting note, since Batista tore a muscle in his back, he had to “drop” the World Title, and a triple threat match was made to determine who would be the next champion. Presumably, Eddie Guerrero would have won and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in that match.

Eddie Guerrero is truly one of the best wrestlers to ever be in the squared circle. A guy who can work a match, work a character, and captivate a love for and from wrestling fans.

If I know Eddie Guerrero, he is pulling in that big ring in the sky right now in one of his lowriders, and his father is waiting with open arms and a proud smile. We’re all proud of you, Eddie Guerrero.

Descanse en la paz, Eddie Guerrero

taken from http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=3686


anyways, i have a lab test tmr, and i x finish my lab reports..how nice,,,man i hate writing for things which i have NO IDEA about. food test. darn irritating man..

see you soon. byebye

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lyyyl angel...
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see amelia's fotopages for more of my doodles..:P

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