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Monday, February 28, 2005
life without colours

new bloggie look! it is certainly not like my old blog...rightt?
how is my new blog? gimme some feedback? on the comment section/the chatbox..

life without colours.....its like my life now...sit at home everyday, and the pink butterfly signifies, that someone special that colours my life!: ) you know who you are!

haih...for the next 3/4 days my lap top won't be with me! OHHHNOOOO!!!!!my brother is going to take the darling laptop and do his website in his friend's house...
i have to make do with my spoilt old monitor...nothing's wrong with the computer...only the monitor-its spoilt!

so yeah, in the past few days i made two blogs...errol's and denise's....
layouts make me happy and busy. hahah..its the only thing i can do while im doing nothing at home!:)

by the way, im going to the force of nature concert to help the tsunami victims! hahahhaa..yeahh righttt! guess who'll be there???
-backstreet boys-
-black eyed peas-
-lauryn hill & wyclef jon-

*SCREAMS!* hahahha....i already bought the tickets...*double scream*
its (ofcoz)the cheapest one....for those of you who are going...please buy tickets near my seats (either one la) Block U1Row B Seat 15,16,17.
be sure to go for the concert and help the tsunami victims! :) and catch them out..

i can't wait! haha..i also can't wait to go to the Sound Of Music musical and the Disney On Ice show!
but, haih..no money..im trying my very best to ask my mum to sponsor me for the Sound Of Music musical! i hope it works...

anywayz,im so HAPPY that i made a new layout! cos its an achievement la...righttt?
hahahhahahaha...im so lame...but i really dun have anything to do at home..luckily i found the layout thingy...haha...

life's good! i wanna watch Sepet! its about a cross-race-religion relationship! constantine was nice...very heaven-hell movie.
i just watched Barbershop 1 on Astro. i have Barbershop 2 on DVD.gonna watch tmr...
i also wanna watch Lemony Snickets: A series of unfortunate Events! i have the DVD, but im just too lazy! hahahahah..
watching movies on the lap top is not nice! i can't wait for my mum to buy the long awaited PS2, so that i can watch the freeeeking DVD's in peace! (why PS2 you ask? my brother is giving away his PS1, so my mum got upset and so she decides to buy PS2 so that when my cousins come to my house for a stayover, they have something to play! )

oh yea, my bro downloaded this stand up comedian video. super funny!his name is russel something. he's a Canadian Indian, so the jokes are mostly based on Indian+Canadian culture
*some of his jokes*
what do you get when a french + greeks?- freeks
what do you get when a Iceland-er + cuban?- Ice-cubes


alright, enough for now...have fun! *hugz*

Karen wrote this at.. 2/28/2005 11:44:00 PM

Friday, February 25, 2005
the boring week...

wahhhh..so long i never blog...
maybe cos nothing much happened this week...
went to KL plaza to play squash on tuesday...
was in pain for the next two days!went with my brother, Pughan & Fay Lin...

Fay and me.. after squash

nothing else happened the whole week..
went out with HonWai and Sidney today...Hon Wai is leaving tmr to Brisbane!
byebye honwaiiii!
Sidney thought he lost his keys.i told him he left it in his room, he still so sad....but when he went back, he found it in his room...hah...i TOLD HIM!
hahaha...im psychic..;)

guess what happens when the world is going to end.....
THE SUN BECOMES ANGRY!!!and turn red + blue + green!!!




hows my new header/theme? i got a new tag board...
btw, MR TAN!!!! i need your other email, as i tried sending the fonts to ur tmnet mail, it din quite send...haha..got some failure delivery feedback mail..tell me if you got it...
if not email your mail to marie.karen @ gmail dot com


Karen wrote this at.. 2/25/2005 10:10:00 PM

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
amerriicaaaa, ameriicaaaa

whaaaooooo.........cool exchange programme...
to study in the USA....check it out.... only that i have to be:
- Be aged 18 – 26 years old *YES

- Hold a valid driving license *YES

- Be able to commit to 12 months *Most Prob can..

- Have completed at least secondary education. Prior academic achievements and qualifications are not a requirement of this program.*YES

- Have at least 200 hours recent, practical childcare experience, such as regular babysitting for non-family members, helping at a local school, youth group. Aceglobal can help you in classifying your experience. To care for children less than two years old, the 200 hours experience must be with children less than two and you must be at least 19 years old *NO! ý Not have a criminal record *YES

- Able to communicate in English*YES

- Be mature and independent *think so*

- Have not have previously participated in an au pair program to the U.S. *YES

haih...heheh...maybe i'll do my masters with this programme.... my whole expense will be paid by them! muahahahhaha....cos i'll be working as an "Au Pair" oh well....i KNOW it won't work...shall just dream on and keep on hoping? hahaha...it would be fun... my new found friend, Annie who is my Finnish MSN friend's friend, is going to be an "au pair" SO FUN!! she's leaving on sunday! wish her luck!

Karen wrote this at.. 2/22/2005 12:32:00 AM

Monday, February 21, 2005
640+ babies...all at once!

goshhh....my stomach uterus hurts!!!
why must WE go through this pain...haih....period cramps...the only ONe thing im looking forward to is having babies....not until im 27 that is...

anywayz...i was watching Oprah today and they had the World's LARGEST Baby Shower for the 640 ladyy soldiers and wives of soldiers in Fort Campbell (these soldiers went to Iraq for war)
but anywayysss....9 months ago, when these soldiers came back to US from Iraq, guess what happened??
They all planned to have babies ALL at the same time! ahhaha....so 9 months later, Oprah gave them baby shower to celebrate!
they recieved gifts and presents not only from oprah, but from other stars too...

how nice! I MUST write to oprah someday...hahahaha telling her my story so that she'll invite me to the oprah show! and i'll pray that its one of her 'wildest dreams' or 'Oprah's Favourite things' episodes...so that i'll get tonnes of gifts from her...
she has a good heart! i love the oprah show!

oh yea, Karen Lee landed in aussie already...she's the last one...
its official...haha..im left all alone here...
i hope they have the times of their lives....as for me...i'll be here...in Malaysia...not that i hate it or anything...i just so wanted to go study elsewhere, besides Malaysia...give me experience y'know?
not that i won't gain experience here...well, when i'll be going to HELP, i'll be still staying with my parents...and that doesn't make me a more mature person....they'll still be feeding me and giving me money ..its good in a way, but i'll never be independant...

haih...what to do...no silver spoon in my mouth...have to live with the fact that i'll be here...for the rest of my life...and will never sit on an aeroplane...its so sad right...
but,then again...im counting my blessings! i've got SO many things here right now!
got me OWN room, me computer, me parents, Sidney, me brother, parents who gimme money and buy me food&everythign else...my MSN! my blog, photoshop....my experience in CIMP, my whole school life...my old school friends..my soon to be friends in HELP...my church mates! YAC!
and everything else! is a blessing!

here's one picture of me doing what i do everyday in the same spot.......
(taken with my bro's gf's webcam, hence the blurness)

Picture 2

have fun!!

Karen wrote this at.. 2/21/2005 05:16:00 PM

Friday, February 18, 2005

hows my very new layout...hahaha..

lj style...im so bored....so created a new one...will change if im still bored...haha!

byebye...btw, go check out my lj...for those who have me as their friend...:)
i added a friends only entry and i need your opinion!


Karen wrote this at.. 2/18/2005 12:50:00 PM

Thursday, February 17, 2005
eating syndrome...

im getting used to eating lunch at 5...hahaha...well today, i din even eat lunch...
im gonna get gastric soon and my mum's gonna so scold me until i die..hahahahha...
its not like i din wanna eat...there's NOTHING to eat at home...i ate oranges, longan and chocolates...oh ya and milo...hahaha...im a milo fan...as in the milo powder...it rocks!
i so need to exercise...well thats what i've been telling myself for like 1million times but im just not doing anything about it...haih... i need someone to slap me on my face and tell me im fat and i need to exercise to stay healthy...
oh ya and i also need to stop drinking Coke...its like an addiction...haih...i shouldn't have started drinking coke...but haih...i loveeeee coke...

Karen wrote this at.. 2/17/2005 05:57:00 PM

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

my outing explained in one photo....
outing in KLCC

New and improved list...
Friends going to australia.. SOON

Karen Lee

Friends went and left me here...
Foo Wei Foong
Wing Sun

Wing sun left today...couldn't send her to airport...haih..so gonna miss her!!

i saw Karen Lee yesterday

hahah....i went to 1U and parked right next to her..hehe..i went to buy present for Sidney...need to buy another one for him tho..hahah..i lurve buying presents for people! ;))

Karen wrote this at.. 2/16/2005 09:25:00 PM

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
journey to the past...

journey to the past...NOT!

went to taiping during chinese new year....here are some pictures...

Syok sendiri
My bro and i syok sendiri-ing in the car...hahahaha...its fun..

taiping 2005
Sights of Taiping, me home town and my good old kampung. My Aunty's Family's going to shift soon...by next chinese new year, we won't be going back to a kampung house, but a new and err...modern house...

My nephews and niece...they're so cute! 100% taiping mali...except for Darren...at least he speaks a lil English....others...talk to me in sign language...good thing they have experience in some sign language...one of their relative cannot talk.. cutie pies :)

posing for the camera...

this lil nephew of mine luurrrveesss meee....he told my mum, " i like her (points at me). i don't like him (points at my bro)!" muahahahhahahha....er...my face is covered because its not a good picture of me!;P

Synn Yee,11, Derek,6, Darren,5, Desmond,2.
guess how old is their mum? *drumrollss...* 30 years old!
hahaha...she married quite young...i think when she was 18!

but i lurrrve her kids...

I officially declare my blog as a photolog! hahahaha..nolarr...just that its the festive season...and i just like taking pictures...is it my fault that i love taking pictures??
another one in starbucks on Sunday..


Karen wrote this at.. 2/15/2005 09:49:00 PM

Monday, February 14, 2005
pics pics n more pics


**the links above the BIGGER pictures are for GRACIE(..if you want it..) or anyone else..**

the pictures speak for themselves?
My CLOSEST friends in CIMP...
thanks for everything...





WingSun leaving Malaysia on the 16th of Feb and KarenLee on the 20th Feb


Gracie-left Malaysia on the 11th of Feb...


Daniel-left Malaysia on the 13th of Feb....

Karen wrote this at.. 2/14/2005 12:00:00 AM

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
CNY wishes

wahhh...just came back from KarenLee's farewell parttyy..
cried...i cried...hahaha...when saying bye bye to gracie n daniel...and also when said bye to karen...
im gonna see wing sun soon...maybe go out for lunch or sth..

haih...sadenning...im so gonna miss them so much!!!:(

i miss sidney SO much now too..*sigh*

im going to taiping tmr....leaving early i think...bringing lap top and everything to keep us sane there...hahaha...im going to like a kampung...as there is a river behind the house...and all our erm...."waste" from the toilets are like washed down the river hahahahahah...i think soo...

have fun! get loads of ang pows...

BYE gracieee...im SO gonna MISS U!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Karen wrote this at.. 2/08/2005 01:29:00 AM

Monday, February 07, 2005
aussie going friends...

Friends going to australia.. SOON
Karen Lee
Wing Sun

Friends went and left me here...
Foo Wei Foong

hahahaha...just playing laa...they're not out of my life yet...im now actually talking to wei foong on MSN... he's there already...left yesterday...

-talking abt someone-
Foo Wei Foong says:she didnt change still look the same
☆karenmarie☆ says:isee
Foo Wei Foong says:compare to u...................
☆karenmarie☆ says:im still the sameee...
☆karenmarie says☆:riggghttt
Foo Wei Foong says:yes
Foo Wei Foong says:but u improve
Foo Wei Foong says:a old improved version of karen
Foo Wei Foong says:hahaha
Foo Wei Foong says:i think u prettier already
☆karenmarie☆ says:hahaha

so flattering..ahahhaha....i've known him since i was writing ABC's...haha..6 years old when we first became friends...haha...we was such a kid last time...so was i larr...but heyyy...i was wayy bigger..but he beat me after that...he grew fatter...hahaha...i got pictures to prove it...


☆karenmarie☆ says: so...saw how mnay pretty gurls?
Foo Wei Foong says: noo
☆karenmarie☆ says: all tall tall ones ar? haha
Foo Wei Foong says: i come here only i know that all the girls i know back in msia are prettie..in aussie here all fat la and tall -giant
☆karenmarie☆ says: wahh...serious ???no blonde pretty ones?
Foo Wei Foong says: haaha rare .....those see on tv are 1 in a million

haih...i bought a cake for Karen Lee's Farewell dinner...haha..was supposed to make jelly, but too lazy and scared it turns out like some fugly thingy...so better take precautions..
hmm....i gotta go....bathe...sms sidney....and oh yeah...do i need to pack up?

I'm going to TAIPING! yay! see all my cutesey cousins...
will be back in a few days time..i think by friday...ciowzzers....

and before that...BYEBYE to GRACIEEE!!! im gonna miss ya so much!!!!:(

Karen wrote this at.. 2/07/2005 04:00:00 PM

Friday, February 04, 2005
koko-cruch goodies

cookies(well, sort of) i made!(last week!) with my mum's help larrr....

Karen's(9) Karen's(14)
its a cereal thingy...with

hahahahah...sound yummy? well only for KIDS like me laaa..who lurrves koko crunch!

Karen wrote this at.. 2/04/2005 10:16:00 PM


*i predict a long post today....as i have nothing else better to do!*

hall-hunting day...for YAC concert..
as oliver and hazel has already described the day....now its my turn(the long winded version..)...muahahahhahahaha(evil laugh)
anywayz...i went hall-hunting today with my fellow YAC-ians-Hazel, Oliver, Roberta & Dominic..5 of us all packed in Oliver's sports car..hahaha....it did sound like one...!

anyways...back to the story, i, i mean we went to Dewan Sivik in PJ to check out the hall...

*intermission-got warehouse sale in the dewan.and its super chun!! got levi's for RM69.90...i must make my mum go there!:P)*

the hall there is so buruk and usang, and its like haunted...haha..not to mention smelly..and its like RM2500++ without a technician and without equipments all...so sucky...haih...and when she mentioned we have to pay RM75 for electricity, the electricity in the office sudddenly went off...hahahahha...so farny...it makes them look so bad...so we went off... *without going to the warehouse sale...haih...i wanted to suggest...but we were on a schedule..*
since this hall was a cut-throat...we went to Taylors...Oliver got so excited! hahaha...i wonder why...its just taylors...hehe...
so yeah, went there...meet the hall people..and they said that we could book the hall but we need to write a letter to the principle asking her...its about RM750++ with a technician and sound system...! yay! we got our hall..now all we need to do is write a letter....and hazel's starting on it i suppose...
so yeah...after that we went lepak-ing in Taylors...went to mcdees with hazel for lunch....Oliver met all his friends....actually everyone else met everyone else there..haha...i din meet anyone...haih...hehe...everyone i know there has left..all the SAM people...i din see chui shan or les or joyce or gai tho...diff block maybe...
we ate lunch(again!they ate, i drank only...) with Shaun(sp?), May-lynn, poh-lynn, Jia huan..and another friend of theirs..

after that we bid goodbyeeee...and headed to Bangsar Sports Complex.checked out the dancing hall...it is nice...but too far larr....no transport...haih..
we wanted to go to the Curve, but oliver took the wrong turn...and we ended up in segambut...then from there...we wanted to go to hartamas, but then we took the wrong turn again..and went to Jalan Kuching...and went back to Kepong..and finally we made our way to The curve from kepong using LDP! hahahahhaha....BIG round..

All of them never been there...so we went there to visit..haha..took some pictures..! well at least we took some...!

the fountain at the Curve...we were walking aimlessly..and reached the fountain!haha..

Roberta, Dominic, ME, Hazel...and the Curve at the back..(oliver taking picture)

Roberta, Dominic, Oliver and Hazel...i took this picture..Duhh..
this is the CNY decoration at The curve...not as nice as their Christmas deco..
this is the food court, we had drinks here.....chun eh...loads of hidden mickey's to spot... i took one picture...but din realise the resolution so small...so not gonna post it here...as it makes no sense...cannot even see the circles..so yeah....scrap that..

after drinks..we went home! haha..fun outing...wish i had a car..haih..hope dad doesn't change his mind on buying me a car...haha

things i wanted to post but bluetooth on laptop wasn't working..haih..
my two new bodyglove t-shirt...RM39.90 for two..good bargain huh...


SS picture of me...muahahhaha..
thats all for now...im off to do something useful..like sms and erm..watch tv?

Karen wrote this at.. 2/04/2005 09:08:00 PM

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Fragances and Cosmetics

4th-Fri 10am-7pm
5th-Sat 10am-6pm

B-O-1,Block B, Megan avenue II, 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450, KL (its near KLCC)

stuff they selling..
hugoboss-estee lauder-CK-escada-issey miyake-ralph lauren-moschino-versace-burberry-elizabeth arden-ferrari-dunhill-bvlgari-lancome-davidoff-CD-BCBG-tommy-kenzo-givenchy-carolina herrera-aramis-dolce gabanna-anna sui-gucci-salvatore ferragamo-JPG-paco Rabanne-Clinique-shiseido-DKNY-paul smith-Armani-vanderbilt-etc....

now,karenlee and wing sun dun tell me i never tell u this time!:P


Karen wrote this at.. 2/03/2005 09:09:00 PM

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
help, a very long post!

okays...i finally chosen my life path?
hahahahahhahahhahaha...so dum dum...
**so yea, Sidney read some tarot cards...haih..should i ever believe those stuff??NO right?

back to storyy...

:: The HELP Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) Program
This program allows students to complete a 3-year Honours degree in Malaysia or to transfer credits(YAY! i can transfer too!) to leading universities in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand or United States of America.

:: Entry Requirements (Any one of the following)
-HELP Foundation in Arts/ Foundation in Science
-2 STPM Grade C/ 'A' Level passes and 3 credits in SPM/ 'O' Levels
-5Bs in Senior Middle 3 (UEC) or max points of 30 for best 5 subjects

-5 CPU passes with a minimum average of 50% (WHATTT?? i got a 90%!!!)
-5 SAM/ TEE passes with a university aggregate of 50%anda pass in Bahasa Melayu (for Malaysians only)
-Equivalent qualification

:: Intakes
May 2005, Oct 2005 and Jan 2006

:: Course Fees
Year 1: RM10,500
Year 2: RM12,600
Year 3: RM11,900

:: Program Details
3 years Honours programme
37 subjects to be completed in a minimum period of 3 years
14 weeks per semester; 2 ½ semester per year
3-4 hours of teaching per subject per week
For minor, students are required to complete 8-10 subjects offered in the related specialisation

:: Assessment
Course work and assignments 40-50%( i did 70% here..)
Written examination 40-50% (and 30% here...so can cope kuaaa...)

:: Subjects
Year 1
6 Core Psychology Papers
- Introduction to Psychology 1 (Biopsychology, Sensation & Perception)
- Introduction to Psychology 2 (Learning, Consciousness, Cognition, Intelligence)
- Introduction to Psychology 3 (Human Development, Psychological Disorders, Personality)
- Introduction to Psychology 4 (Social Psychology, Stress, Motivation, Emotions)
- Research Methodology
- Quantitative Methods
6 Core Non-Psychology Papers
- Social and Business Communication
- Leadership and Life Skills
- Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B(been there...done that)
- Pengajian Islam/ Pendidikan Moral(been there...done that)
2 Free Electives

Year 2
8 Psychology Core Papers
- Advanced Research Methodology
- Advanced Quantitative Methods
- Child Development
- Adolescent & Adult Development
- Social Psychology
- Abnormal Psychology
- Human Personality
- Biopsychology
- Psychology
Electives (choose a minimum of 2)
- Counseling Skills (this and..
- Conflict Theory and Resolution ..this)
- Human Services
- Educational Psychology
- Human Factors & Ergonomics
2 Free Electives

Year 3
6 Psychology Core Papers
- Undergraduate Thesis 1
- Undergraduate Thesis 2
- Introduction to Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
- Counselling Theories & Techniques
- Cognitive Psychology
- Ethics in Psychology
- Psychology
Electives (choose a minimum of 3)
- Issues in Contemporary Psychology
- Substance Abuse
- Forensic Psychology >>>CSI baybee!
- Health Psychology
- Cross Cultural Psychology >>>we live in malaysia man...besides, im from a cross cultural family!
- Assessment & Profiling
- Youth Work & Services>>>this would help YAC...rightt??
2 Free Electives

:: Minors (this im not too sure what to choose..they all seem to be so alike to me...)
- Business Management
- Marketing
- International Business Management
- Human Resource Management
- Entrepreneurship
- Finance
- Accounting
- Media Studies
- Public Relations
- Marketing Communications maybe this??

Karen wrote this at.. 2/02/2005 11:55:00 PM

manicure and pedicure


hehe..i went to the hosptal today...again..gonna go again later...give my uncle dinner...*sigh*well at least he looks better now...bought him a mp3 player and d/l-ing old music for him..

after hospital, i went to Tesco...bought a new flip flop...its only RM10...its not that comfy la...but boleh tahan la.it looks really yummy...(low resolution and small picture cos i sent it to Sidney!)

anywayz...i figured out a thing to do while im waiting for my May intake...MANICURE and PEDICURE! hahahaha...mum approved of it...so all i have to do is go to that beauty school and learn...

i wanna learn this!
ehehe...i wonder how much it'll be....well, since im not going to Australia...my parents can sure spend money on me learning another skill right? i can make money out of it, maybe after my course i'll go work in a manicure and pedicure shop! hahahah

Karen wrote this at.. 2/02/2005 04:51:00 PM

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


hahahahha....check that out! new photoblogger thingy...go get one!!!its really fun..i found Dustyhawk and Albert Ng there...hehe..

now, now, now...only Digi subscribers get to do this...hahaha..70 cents per mms tho..mahal...but its fun...will mms more stuff to lifelogger soon...i hope all my Digi subcriber friends get one too..hehe..but then agian, they need a Camera-mms phone...hehe...have fun!


i realise i use the word "mahal" alot!

Karen wrote this at.. 2/01/2005 08:06:00 PM

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