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Monday, February 28, 2005
life without colours

new bloggie look! it is certainly not like my old blog...rightt?
how is my new blog? gimme some feedback? on the comment section/the chatbox..

life without colours.....its like my life now...sit at home everyday, and the pink butterfly signifies, that someone special that colours my life!: ) you know who you are!

haih...for the next 3/4 days my lap top won't be with me! OHHHNOOOO!!!!!my brother is going to take the darling laptop and do his website in his friend's house...
i have to make do with my spoilt old monitor...nothing's wrong with the computer...only the monitor-its spoilt!

so yeah, in the past few days i made two blogs...errol's and denise's....
layouts make me happy and busy. hahah..its the only thing i can do while im doing nothing at home!:)

by the way, im going to the force of nature concert to help the tsunami victims! hahahhaa..yeahh righttt! guess who'll be there???
-backstreet boys-
-black eyed peas-
-lauryn hill & wyclef jon-

*SCREAMS!* hahahha....i already bought the tickets...*double scream*
its (ofcoz)the cheapest one....for those of you who are going...please buy tickets near my seats (either one la) Block U1Row B Seat 15,16,17.
be sure to go for the concert and help the tsunami victims! :) and catch them out..

i can't wait! haha..i also can't wait to go to the Sound Of Music musical and the Disney On Ice show!
but, haih..no money..im trying my very best to ask my mum to sponsor me for the Sound Of Music musical! i hope it works...

anywayz,im so HAPPY that i made a new layout! cos its an achievement la...righttt?
hahahhahahaha...im so lame...but i really dun have anything to do at home..luckily i found the layout thingy...haha...

life's good! i wanna watch Sepet! its about a cross-race-religion relationship! constantine was nice...very heaven-hell movie.
i just watched Barbershop 1 on Astro. i have Barbershop 2 on DVD.gonna watch tmr...
i also wanna watch Lemony Snickets: A series of unfortunate Events! i have the DVD, but im just too lazy! hahahahah..
watching movies on the lap top is not nice! i can't wait for my mum to buy the long awaited PS2, so that i can watch the freeeeking DVD's in peace! (why PS2 you ask? my brother is giving away his PS1, so my mum got upset and so she decides to buy PS2 so that when my cousins come to my house for a stayover, they have something to play! )

oh yea, my bro downloaded this stand up comedian video. super funny!his name is russel something. he's a Canadian Indian, so the jokes are mostly based on Indian+Canadian culture
*some of his jokes*
what do you get when a french + greeks?- freeks
what do you get when a Iceland-er + cuban?- Ice-cubes


alright, enough for now...have fun! *hugz*

Karen wrote this at.. 2/28/2005 11:44:00 PM

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