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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
pics post

my christmas tree!! hehehe...nice or not...i decorate wan...ahahaha..okayla...not much synchronied deco's so had to decorate it with what we had...before lights and after lights!
More pics here...

me on the computer...thats what i do everyday! ahhaha...and yeah...my freaking computer is half nakey!

Me and bro...SS-ing again...hehe...


i look so fat!) but haha...parading my new halter i bought for RM10.<3

My not so new anymore Wh slippers! cute eh? guess how much RM11.50! hahaha..

heart shaped n star shaped pillow RM12.90 each from Jusco!


Syok Sendiri in the car while waiting for others ro arrive...talkign to Sidney on the phone also! hehe..

i was supposed to wear this hat...cute eh? its a smaller version of the santa hat!(thats the steering wheel)

Hazel, Camelia, Yvette and me...so dark this picture...i swear it was wayy brighter on my lap top! now on computer and its like this...hahaha..nvm...enjoy the dark picture!


SS pose...hahahaha...me taking pics in the car before the party...

my brother and me...SS pose again in the car!

smiley SS pose with the car's blue light...my car has a neon blue kinda light...

action face SS pic! ahahaha..i look so fat here!

me with my eyes closed and Audrey...she's like me-chindian...she's so cuteee!! heheh..she bugged me to take so many pics of her..

she turned back..hahaha

Audrey and Cassandra..it was a candid shot!

Thomas-drinking beer in a (18 years and below) christmas party??? hahaha..NOT! he's drinking chinese Tea+Paech+Zappel+everything Uncle Stevenson can find...he wanted to make everyone sick..its some Punch...it really sucks!

Thats all folks! more carolling pictures soon!
have fun!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 12/22/2004 01:35:00 AM

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