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Friday, December 10, 2004

im feeling..: quixotic
Listening to..: Ryan Cabrera - true

been busy this whole week...well...not that busy..but got la...stuff to do!
like Carolling...
the YAC has been practising HARD!! for aboiut ONE week...yeah ONE week...and we're okay..not that bad...we're still trying hard to get our first outside gig in 1Utama or Hazel's uncle's pub...anythings fine...as long as we get money!! mauahahhaha...we're goign to Genting for out year end trip...
Yay! not so looking forward to it...maybe i should...but heyy...i can't get along with them anymore...i mean my youth group...maybe cos erm..well i think they have become TOO childish!...its just weird...anywayz..i STILL can cope being with them...just don't be myself? can?
hahah hope so... well they are so not in tune with me thats all i can say!
anywayz...life's been good....
been lazing around doing nothing..

my uncle has just been diagnosed with liver cancer..and its like dunno what stage already...
poor thingy...he has 2 kids...one 10 and one 5... i hope they cope well..
i know or shall i say known 2 other person well...rather close to me had cancer and died..one my Aunt and another a distant relative...both died of cancer..one liver and another one is stomach i think...
the liver one went quite fast..so i guess my uncle's going to go quite fast too...thats sad...i mean i wish i could do something...
but what can i do? i was thinking of taking pictures...pictures of him and his family...then later when his children grow up, they've got something they can remember him by...like the story Stepmom...
but i don't think they will have the courage to take pictures...i mena they will be all stressed up and all..
so i shall just shut me mouth ...and follow whatever they're doing...
my mum n uncle are in Singapore now...to get a second opinion..My dad said in Singapore they have a stronger cure for Cancer...which costs about Sing$100K or was it 10K?
something like that...but my uncle's father-in-law is paying for it..they are quite well to do...
oh well...
have fun!
merry christmas!

Karen wrote this at.. 12/10/2004 07:56:00 PM

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