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Friday, May 09, 2008

I miss blogging!
GAH Emmagem is taking up too much of my time. Anyways, once i figure out what domain name i want, im closing this blog and moving to wordpress:)

Just so you know! haha

This week has been awesome man! Holidays, holidays, oh how imissu. . . .

The weekend was AWESOME!

short, tiring (darn, those Singaporeans can walk!) but uber fun.

I love Singapore!

anyways, im trying my best to blog like how i used to blog, you know, pictures, photoshop, the works!


i super failing man, cos i feel like stopping now. Too tired hahaha


Singapore, 3rd-4th May 2008

We took the 730am bus! so early wtf! But anyways, First Coach was AWESOME! It was comfy, cheap and GOT PERSONAL TV!!! Its more like an entertainment system thing where you can watch movies(ABUNDANT) and also listen to songs from the 70's 80's and 90's! Omg, we were listening to the 90's of course!

We also drooled over Jude Law in The Holiday!:) heehee. We wore sweat pants and long sleeved t shirt, i tell you we look like we were going to sleep in pyjamas. Well, we were in a way. lols. 5 hours man, long journey!

We reached at 12ish at Novena MRT station. Took train to Sembawang. Its like 20 minutes away from the city.

Guess what, the train ROSAK! lol Delayed our journey only! Dah la we were late, as Sher needs to leave at 3pm! haha

we reached her apartment at about 2ish. I think. Lovely place, but darn far from MRT. oklah, not that far.. But for someone who usually walks 1 meter to her car to go out, its DAMN FAR OKAY! we walked and walked and walked in Singapore. I tell you, gurantee loose weight if i live in singapore! hahaha

We showered, ate at MOS(yummiest burgers EVAH) and went off by train to the city! we went to buy Pedal Works shoes actually!:) heehee

MOS burger, we were too hungry and gelojoh to take pics of it after opening

I bought 2 sandals for SGD$19.90 each. It was on sale lagi. NICE!:)

We then MRT MRT walked walked walked (again) and reached Orchard! we walked walked walked looked around, nothing to buy. Oh yeah, we went to Watsons. lol. Until it was about 6 something, then we MRT MRT walked walked walked (again) to Esplanade for the Qings&Kueens Show.

But before that, we admired the artwork and cuteness of Esplanade durian place :) they have really cute stuff there! very artsy, fartsy!

These artworks were on walls! hahha

Anyways, we went to makan MAX BRENNERS! yums yums. its this place where they specialize in guess what, CHOCOLATES! heehee

It was awesome, we had Fondue and some choco drinks. really yummy!Love fondues.

Sher and Elaine with Max

Later we went to catch QnK perform. We ngam ngam reached their second set. lols. omg, so little people turned up for the event. so sad...

Kevin! who ffk us! lols

Anyways, we met up with Kevin and then left for Zouk.

Zouk was, aherm, okaylah, not like i know how to dance anyways, and i'm self declared allergic to Vodka (terrible experience with vodka on my 21st! lols!!!). Other drinks ok lah, im not a fan!:) Except for nicer cocktails, but then, the free drinks are the normal vodka-lime/orange,whiskey-coke, mehh. Not nice. But yeah, teman elaine and sher dance and i'm the taking care of them person since im not drinking, wtf!

I like sweet drinks and alco is bitter!

and I can't loose control for nuts, i'm just like that! HAHAHA. Hence i will never allow myself to get drunk at least ever again since my 21st. Stephanie knows how "never loosing control" means! hahaha. (I miss stephanie chuah shin ju - love declaration, wtf)

Shit lah, i need to go for hiphop dance class or something. I can't dance for nuts!! Anyways, we balik at 4am with shit leg pain (cos i wore my sandals with like 1 1/2 inch heels)(yes, i know its so small heels, but omg, Karen wears slippers everyday!!).
Don't worry, ma, i wasn't drunk or drinking at all.lol
(community service message for my mum who now reads my blog -_______-)
slept at 5am after mandi and all. (i would post pics of Zouk, but, Elaine was too red, lol)

woke up at 1pm! HAHAHAHA yes, we wasted a lot of time sleeping!

Then packed our bags (Holiday so short, boohoo) and left Sembawang! Sher was the bestest host, she slept on sleeping bags while we slept on mattress -_____- i feel so bad . . . .


We MRT MRT walked walked walked (again) an reached Raffles Shopping Mall (Or something like that) for lunder (Lunch+Dinner) at an AWESOME PLACE called Shukodu. Its like Marche, only more high tech, with a Card instead of chops! hahaha

Posing with the food

had awesome japanese dinner and walked around the mall! This mall is awesome i tell you! way better than Takashimaya! haha

We went to the supermarket and like bought "Anything" and "Whatever" canned drinks -_-

They have BEN & JERRY'S in singapore! I was too full to try it, darn!! We then MRT MRT walked walked walked (again, this time, SUPER FAR) to our bus station.

We took Transnational home. Super not worth RM50 bucks! They stopped at JB for dinner, OMG and like this fella allowed strangers into the bus at JB and stopping them at odd places like in Malacca and Ayer Keroh! wtf

Not express bus at all. First Coach was the best,yo!

reached at 2am -______- dad picked me up and went home.


Next day, MONDAY, I body pain giler, felt sickly and i had diarrhea! omg. Singapore's supposed to be clean city hahahaha

I watched tv series and cleaned my room part 1


Tuesday, I woke up watched TV series, cleaned my room part 2


Wednesday, I woke up, watched TV series, cleaned my room part 3

(What mundane 3 days, but omg, the TV series was so kan cheong!!!!! Serena Van Der Woodsen _ _ _ _ _ _ someone! shit! hahaha! and Desperate Housewives, so kan cheong too! One Tree Hill is just so awesome! haihs)


Thursday, woke up went to change my Streamys to 4mbps, STOOOOOOOOOOPID Taman petaling got no Port. wtf!!! so we upgraded to 1mbps. -_- came home, slept cos felt so nauseated and sickly, must be too sleepy! hahha

Went to do some emmagem paperwork and then left for work. talk talk discuss discuss (more work for me, heh)

went GYM! hehe AFTER SO LONG i miss exercising, and gossiping with elaine!! hahaha.

Moonshine afterwards!

Lookie the poster, see anything familiar??


Watch their video please:

SUPER nice to see them play once again! I miss their songs and performance! I love John's Mistress!

Moonshine+QnK at Singapore+Rock Up'08 made me want to go for gigs again. I miss gigs! I miss the loud noises and the shouting and the bands! I miss being a groupie, wtf!

Us at the gig!

Hope they are really coming back to perform and make more good music! I support, yo!


Friday, another awesome day! Met louanne at 11 something, to go to Miss Bow Boutique's shop to check out Helly Beachwear(for emmagem lah).

Not everything arrived, only the bikini's. Ended up buying a shirt from Tees Tees instead -___-
Louanne bought a colourful shirt, which i can borrow also! lols!!! hahaha!

We left for Plaza Damas, louanne went for violin class while i walked around, I was being "karenmarie from emmagem.com-writer mode" and checked out a shop by a Malaysian Designer called Eve. lols.

I freaking need a namecard!

I met Gina from Gina's Collection and I bought bags!


Then louanne came back from class and we left for Rock up! 2008 :)

ok, i shall continue this tmr or something(or never)! hahaha im damn lazy already!

this is a freaking long post! better ctrl-a, ctrl-c and ctrl-v in notepad before publishing it, in case blogger decides to kill me!



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