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Sunday, July 01, 2007

*silent melody by Qings and Kueens*

teehee. this song temaned me through my depressed moments...really.

damn drama times when i either damn sad or depressed, blast out this song in my (then) radio/CD player.

usually after a fight with the bf or after fights with parents. HAHA.

drama giler.
anyways, i slept the whole day today and i'm wide awake at 1230am.

study IO psych.

malas la.

how funny that only during exam time i will find time to blog.

btw, this poptopus thingy, i found out through Zan Azlee's friend who is developing the website/poptopus...(once upon a time ago in May, Maria gave Zan my email to his friend then he emailed me asking me to work part time as a graphic designer but i never did send him my resume! lol. he wanted flash designer. i only use photoshop. lol)

must learn dreamweaver and flash this holidays..upgrade self worth
(in terms of what i can do la, doink~)
But my laptop is so dying already with photoshop and illustrator....add dreamweaver and flash program, i think it will rest in peace soon.

i want more memory/ram/whatchamacallit. (the thing that makes laptop work faster)

anyways, back to studying...


Karen wrote this at.. 7/01/2007 12:25:00 AM

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