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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
back, back, back.

so anyways, i'm back.

all tired from studying. Its not like i had much time to study this semester anyways. haha.

wish i had put in more effort.

since i was gone, well, technically, i was still online, just on a hiatus, Hazel and Lavena password protected their blogs. i wonder why. haha.

and lav didn't invite me. :( maybe she's bitching about me...hahahhaha...for not msning her for so long.


i also miss tk. haha. and wei foong.

owh, speaking of WF, one of my classmates from primary school, Mun Lye is like in coma. pray for her kays? I think she has brain hemorrhage. poor girl. i used to be eating meehoon during rehat time okay!

but we never kept in touch, haha. besides friendster. but still!!!

I was supposed to go to Good Charlotte with elaine, but we couldn't get the tickets. so my brother went to get it and of course if he gets it, must go with him right....:( Elaine can't see her little boiboi. haha.
but i'm still going to the concert, with my brother as always. We collected the Digi tickets. So we have like this Digi VIP thingy, but i think its just like most pit vip and not meeting them vip. and i have to wear gross t shirt to get in. Gross. cos my brother won't wear. They gave a size M. like male size M. its too big to be a baby T for me! and too small for my brother. Listening to Good Charlotte now. to hafal HAHAHA.

YouTube was my friend during the exam. I found a few of my all time favs!:) like that song from the Nolan Sisters. Ronan Keating and Kate Rusby's All over again.

i wrote that at 8pm.

TK messaged me on msn. what a coincidence. hahahaha. i guess he could read my mind. hahahaha.

shall plan an outing with him...

i think i need to bathe. hahaha. my idea of bumming is to eat, watch tv and wait till the last minute to bathe. hahahaha. im just to beat to bathe. can you believe that. hahahaha.

my mouse is a goner. RIP zebra mouse. shall get a pink one next. muahahhaha. bimbo for life.

i also need to wake up at 12pm tmr. Just for fun!

i need money.

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Karen wrote this at.. 4/18/2007 10:28:00 PM

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