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Monday, May 21, 2007
i wanna graduate please?

update #3 by Elaine..

I woke up superdyduper early today, but still was late for class! :(
stupid HUGE ASS HOLE in the middle of the road to segambut.
James Kuake's gonna start hating me...NOooooooOOoooo..can't let that happen. I need to be on his good side until i graduate...
which is in 1.5 years time. can you believe it? i can't.
i have 15 more subjects to go =D
la la la la la la la la la la
i'm gonna graduate in 1.5 years more. HAHAHA.
damn happy, but no use also. graduate alone...:( everyone else would be graduated already.

owh wells. after effective listening, i went to the library to do "pre-reading".
i went to the library, sat my butt down for 2 hours and started reading chapter 3.
I also wanted to borrow 3 books for my Effective Listening Class.. but i haven't renewed my library card. like WTF right? stupid old man said, "no, no no....cannot! cannot!"
stupid system i tell you. Dah la using the zaman dahulu kala primary school borrowing system. (even my high school has bar coded library books!) must renew every semester pulak! so i just gave him an annoyed stare and left to class.

I/O psych was so-so. I actually like pre-reading ! hahahah. cos my lecturer really doesn't teach much...he babbles on a lot on other things.

while walking out, i met Amelia, Rowena and Melody!:) Nice seeing them and catching up with them again! I missed them...This is Rowena's last sem and Amelia's 2nd last sem..I also saw Dhiraj at the bus stop. this is his last sem too..
boo hoo.
college is so different without seeing Maria and her gang...Carla...Laily...Fira...

next year will be even weird-er when i have to take CS101 and SO101 and CHEM101 with freshies.....hahaha. yes, i haven't taken my year one papers yet! Gonna be he OLD one in class.

Went to gym at the curve. i was so hungry i ate a bun. so i went walking around before exercising... went to Nichii to try on clothes. haha. shopping alone is fun at times. but when there are no comments from friends, not fun.

treadmill 30 minutes.
floating thingy 10 minutes.
Drink Iced lemon tea and eaves dropping 10 minutes.

altogether 50 minutes! hahahahhaha.

I hate my sibuk ears. always listen listen listen. not fun at times. distraction to the max.

anyways. Munkao is looking for a vege girl to share his Marmalade Salad. any girl who lives, breathe and eats vegan food only. please comment here, thank you.


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Karen wrote this at.. 5/21/2007 10:05:00 PM

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