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Friday, January 05, 2007
(tblog archive) boring::yawn::

12.10.03 (12:49 am)

sigh...so the only place can go to is here...so i shall just blog...stupid tmnet...stupid streamyx...stupid telekom!

:lol: listening to luther vandross-dance with my father...nice song...very nice..

so today i woke up with a house full of strangers...then i remembered it was my brother's shooting day...they are shooting an advertisement for their class project...
i thought i was going to have a peaceful day at home----watching tv,drinking coke and studying my driving book...but it ended up with loud sounds of "TOLONG....HELP...THIEF....TOLONG...HELP....HELP..HHHHEEEELLLPPPP" they were shooting a murder scene...
i ended up making fake blood for them...and i also made fake wounds (i'm an ART ATTACK FAN!!) but they didn't use any of my wounds! :cry: but its alright...i can put it on the shelves together with my other art-attack artwork... :wink: i've got loads of artwork...i'm like a once-in-a-bluemoon artist...sometimes when i get creative :idea: or i have an idea...i'll start scribbling and drawing....i'm better at making stuffs than drawing...but heck..its all not that nice...BUT i think they are fabulous! :wink:

i did not go for choir practise yesterday...i felt so bad...but its not like its my fault...i had to go visit my mum at the hospital! furthermore...i was sick with flu...i can't even speak properly... :lol:

i've got driving test this saturday...PRAY for me to pass it! and i'm going to officially drive on the same day! hahaha...i've never riven before...hope i don't knock into something...or even worst someone! hahaha...
PHAN SHEAN! when are ya taking your undang test?

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/05/2007 10:14:00 PM

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