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Friday, January 05, 2007
(tblog archive) praise the lord!

12.05.03 (7:27 am)

just came back from PMCCC...gosh...there were so many people!not any ordinary people...but catholic people! hahha.. :wink:
went there to help in the children ministry! i have 12 wonderful kids under me..they are all so cute! lets see if i can remember their names...
christopher felix
jah..(i don't remember his full name!)
jessica d'cruz

anywayz...it wasn't that hard...they're all nice kids! we had so much fun...screaming our lung out and praising god! :lol: and they call me AUNTY KAREN!!! how sad!

after our HARD work taking care of the kids...we went to the [b]REAL[/b] deal! the youth mass!
it was the bestest mass i've ever been to!! it was just so energetic and powerful! wow..i was amazed...if only every sunday masses were like that...it would be the bomb! and the priest...wowwow! hahah..he daned with us..we were like in a linkin park concert..it was so chunted!:D :D

gosh..i wish i entered the youth programme instead of the children ministry! darn...and did i mention about all the cute guys there!!!GOSH!! cute guys all over the place...and i wasn't there at teh youth programme! darn...could have [i]cuci-ed mata[/i]! :P
anywayz...there is another youth mass tomorrow...can't wait..hope it'll be as fun as todays' mass... :!:
i've gotta go sleep...it was so tiring...taking all the kids to toilet...takign them here...running with them! hahha..it was fun..it was like having 12 kids at one time!

victor's leaving tomorrow! bye victor!!! :(

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/05/2007 10:10:00 PM

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