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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
bday week update

just as i was about to blog about my three wonderful days, my photoshop can't open cos my C: dun have enough space! haha..so must delete some programs now.

Met Lav+Jess at the mamak. pics:

woke up, went to church, slept, ate lunch, slept, ate dinner, onlined, slept. productive day!:)

we went to LimKokWing university college!:) it was fun. wakey early early, only to be picked up my Lav+Melin+Jess at 12pm!! :/ haha. so anyways, we first went to Melin's house at Shah Alam. Met her mother and her niece, Aneesha. Melin had to finish her assignment first. we took some pictures there :)





Then we were off to LKW uni...LKW was uber cool. haha. it has a cool campus la! like their foyer was like, whoa. huge! with all their own cafeteria all branded "wings" hehe. damn cool lor. people who say HUC "campus" damn nice should go to LKW and see. then they can come and tell me if HUC's campus is "nice". hahaha. but then again, HUC also can't fight SYuC!haha. owh well, too bad LKW doesn't have psychology!:)

we waited for Melin to do her stuff.. we bummed around. they actually pay RM500 for their comp labs, i dunno per year/sem. then they can use anytime and print their assignment there anytime they want. super cool! haha.. but kinda mahal if you don't use the service there. and also i found out from Melin, ALL their assignemnts and tuts have to be binded to hand in! like WHOAAAAAA... damn rich la now! even few pages also must bind! hehe. luckily HUC is cheap. hahaha.


owh well. we were exhausted after all the walking around LKW. slept in the car while Melin drove back to Kepong. i was super exhausted adey, cos i was sickly mar..

ate Bak Kut Teh at Kepong, was yums.BKT is always yummy:)


i came back, watched the first half of Season3 of One Tree Hill. like, OMG, DAN SCOTT IS A BITCH!!!! he was super annoying, like until now also didn't realise that everyone hates him.. ugh, and the things he does!! :( super annoying!!

i have a crush on Brooke Davis! hahahhahaha

anyhooo....dan scott should die.

Wakey early early. watched One tree Hill. Desperate Housewives S3e1. waited for Lav to come pick me up...she came at 3!!:) haha. so anyways. Lav+Tk+Melin+Lav's sis Suviinthra and me went to Bukit bintang! As usual, we camwhored. haha. like tourists only! until we had to claim Lav's from India.. HAHAHAH.

but her TMnet was cut, and she's waiting for Streamyx to come. ugh. so only got pics from my phone.

we went to Bukit Bintang to get a new piercing for Lav..pics here..too lazy to blog adey. hahaha. itching to edit Phuket pictures now!:) hahaha. Altho, looking at the pictures, i don't think i took any nice pictures. was too bored/lazy to take pics when i was in Phuket.. haha.





Came home and finished OTH. like, OMG. so many things happened! dun wanna spoil it for ya. haha. slept at 3.

My Pre-B'Day Celebration with Sidney!:) He came to Kepong and we went to the curve. by the time we reached there, it was lunch time, and we had a big lunch at Manhattan fish Market
Thanx Sidneybaby for the lovely lunch! We watched The Wicker Man at Cineleisure. it was OK. not bad. kinda wished i watched something else! ahhaa. but i had fun!:) walked around aimlessly. owh ya, went to Nichii Fashion City, and guess what!!! they dun sell the RM6.90 Spag top anymore!!!! waaaahhh..so saddd.. i love those tops! haihs. now must find spag tops elsewhere. :(


went to 1U, walked aimlessly also. had Beard Papa's Cream Puffs, RM1 Ice Cream and KFC for dinner. haha. told you, im getting fatter and fatter by the day! UGH!. need. to. stop. eating!

i had fun!:) omg, tmr need to stay home and clean my room. its in a super mess!:(

and i also need to go shopping. i need to cook/bake something this holidays!:) hehe.

okays, i think i shall go read a book now. or. lurk around the internet...hahaha...byebye.

Karen wrote this at.. 9/27/2006 10:21:00 PM

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