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Friday, September 15, 2006

PY301 was tough! i will def get a B for this subject anyway!(diff grading system.)

owh well.

lets pray for a miracle, shall we?

i felt so free after i finished my paper. but, it wasn't like a "happy" day like i imagined. i mean, i've felt "happy-liberated-i just wanna sing and dance" days before, and today wasn't it.

maybe because i have real issues to deal with. like the thing that has been bugging me for so long, but i just ignore it. dum dee dum.

i want that "happy" day to come back, i really do.

i can't wait to sleep tonight! sleep without the constant worrying of "omg, must wake up now, IT'S ALREADY 5PM!!! wake up, wake up!!!" in my head. haha. that was how i felt for the past few days, nap also dream of studying.

study study study. i hope things goes well. i don't predict a good gpa this sem, but hey, life goes on.

grades are just one part of life.

but i did have fun today!:) went to buy my skirt, had Secret Recipe cake (durian is the in-season cake this month! haha), bought Calci-Yum ( i love this yummylicious yogurt thing. looks like this, but not quite, diff packaging+brand la, but the same thing), sushi and a new Strawberry Airfresherner (sp?) (Jessica recommended...now my car smells of Strawberry!) and ofcourse, being with Sidney :D


hmmm..i need to start baking! i want to make cupcakes!:) (i am speaking with Sidney on gtalk, and i said the same thing to him while typing).


i need to make a new layout for Hazel. haha. that means using brains to think...nah, not doing that anytime today. today is think free day. HAHAHHAHA. tmr, promise. tmr i will try to figure out what she wants in her layout. hahha. lost touch adey. hehe.

anyways, here are some randoms.









ok, byebye.

Karen wrote this at.. 9/15/2006 12:05:00 AM

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