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Thursday, August 10, 2006

there's this girl in my class that looks like you!

fair skinned, long straight hair, face=same!


she's SO you..everytime i see her, i think of you...:)

and, no, im not taking a picture of her. i dont know her. hahahah. maybe i shall sneak a camera one day to show you ur "twin"

see ya!


jasmine enlightened me about the system at KPDE's Wifi.

it seems that you have to come one monday to go online to secure a place on the server, then for the rest of the week, you can get wifi....haha. is that how it works at other places too?

hmmm....shall ask the IT department. but i don't think i can get nice answers from them. the people at the HELP Desk are like so not friendly and like they're siting on some small durian everyday. so grumpy wan!

i the student council needs to solve all the problems that the students have raised at the soapbox. altho, the soapbox was fairly lame...no one turned up. sheesh. stupid Act Attack, they HAD to have their event on that day!

i dunno whats wrong with people these days! always wanna take student council's dates and timing for events!like, hello!!! we booked the dates first, therefore, DON'T ever take that time la dumdum!!!!:( but nvm, everything is done for the semester.

i'm so glad!:)

here's to another semester...:/

although im dreading it, but elaine said i need to be prez for 3 sems. i really dowan. maybe i shall be prez until the end of the year. cos i really wanna start student politics so that people can become president by voting...

hehe. im so bored la. i hope today will be one fine day! like everything goes as i planned...:)

i'll be here till 4pm.

to pass up my draft for Religion class.

Kirk Franklin's songs are so soothing. well, his slow songs la. HEHE.

i miss YAC. i really do. its been too long that i've never really gathered with people to simply pray and worship. sunday masses has become a chore..i must admit... (altho i really love sermons by Father Mitchell). i simply don't have the fire in me anymore and i really want it back.


Karen wrote this at.. 8/10/2006 11:21:00 AM

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