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Sunday, July 30, 2006
awesome-ess pictures

omg, i love this person's photo gallery!:)

he/she takes such pretty pictures...check it out!

Stillleben: Erdbeermilch


project going to Jasmine's house delayed. she's still out. owh well. i shall continue making ugly layouts for my magazine.

i was telling Sidney that day: i wonder why do some people come to college....i mean, if you wanna skip classes, don't study (or attempt to), do badly in exams, do shitcrappycrap assignments, why would you even pay RM1000+ per subject and fail it like every other semester? WHY EVEN COME TO COLLEGE!! i'm not discriminating against the not-so-good academically, at least they try to do good work and study for tests and exams, even if they don't do well.

shit, someone called, and i lost my words to continue rambling..haha. owh well.

dumdeedum. i bought this new CLEAR anti dandruff shampoo. hehe. it us very cooling and ncie to use! :))

on a random note:

i'm "appearing offline" on msn. i just don't want to talk to some people. pissed me off last night. i really don't know if i can't get along with them anymore.... i have to take in so much shit from them, particularly one person. but owh well, life goes on. ramble ramble also nothing will happen.
just so irresponsible and childish.

end random note...

btw, i made a total of 3 sales on dreamstime!:) hahahha. damn happy adey!need to take more pictures from now on...:)


if you're free, please come k? its only RM4....

Karen wrote this at.. 7/30/2006 12:45:00 PM

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