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Monday, August 07, 2006

wahhhhh....im so happy!

i got 10% for my individual assignment. he gave me freaking full marks!:) i was like damn stunned! "10...er, 10 out of 10??" then he was like, "why,,, not satisfied huh? i cna change for you" i was like "NOOOOO, no nooo...very veyr satisfied!" hahahahaha. can't believe he liked the crap i wrote...and thought it was relevant. hehe.

ok, lets hope he likes my 30% group assignment also. but then again, haih... remember his "shit" list, jasmine? haha.

owh well, i need to do my research for my next test.

pros and cons of internet advertising....or anything else from this list. anyone got any ideas?

owwwh, im going to the applied scholastic center later. wish me luck. they're going to test my aptitude in language. i bet i will fail badly..hehe.

guess who came by?

PEI YEE!!! she's this bubbly-loud-friendly friend of mine in my first semester here. she left after 2 semesters to work. hope she comes back to study! by then also i will still be rotting here!:)

so nice to see her. i miss her loudness and perkiness and her constant noise. heehee.

anyways, back to work. i found so many sources, i just hope its enough..sheesh.

Karen wrote this at.. 8/07/2006 12:27:00 PM

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