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Thursday, August 17, 2006

wed was great day! i actually enjoyed my day..

woke up late, went to photostat the powerpoint into transperencies, we did not use it in the end....wasted RM9.

presented, presented.was crappy tho.

then went to level 4 and hung out with Joanne and Sheryl. Grace was having this Malaysian studies thingy...so we watched. Broken Scar, actually only Kevin Teh from the band came to play us a couple of songs. gave away CDs...i wanted one, but its RM20. and i've already wasted my money for this fortnight. so no Cd for me. boohoo. maybe next time.

watching him play made me miss going for gigs. If i were to go now, i would feel damn awkward. haha. so long never go adey... no more familiar faces, except for well, Albert Ng. haha. i wonder if the same people still go for gigs. haha. its not like i talk to the gig going people, but somehow, whenever i go for gigs with my bro, we always see the same people...and feels better la. haha.

anti shake was not good enough. hands were shaking and well, he was moving also. hehe.

so after that, went for class for other people's presentation. dum dee dum. time flew. and then i went back home. watched one episode of Dawson's Creek...went to fetch Sidney and we went off to Sentul Park for Starlight Cinema!

Sentul Park is so pretty!!!! we walked around that area, went into KLPAC, the Koi Pond and the lake around it. its very well designed and so pretty. my camera did not have enough memory to take in any pictures, too bad! but i'll def go there again! i wonder if we can have picnics there or just go there for fun....

KLPAC is so nice too!! we saw Douglas Lim there. They even have a glass window workshop thingy where they make props for shows. saw some people making props for the upcoming douglas lim show. i forgot the name of it. hehe.

i even saw Mr.Chris Quarrie there... from CIMP. but i doubt he remembers me. its been more than a year. but when we met, like, i stared at him (wondering if i should say hi or not) and he stared at me. haha. weird moment. i don't think he remembers me. owh well.. i was waiting to see more familiar faces from CIMP, but i think he came with newer lecturers...

we bought some junk food, set up our mat and sat down.

it was fun. movie started at 8sth.

starlight Cinema

came back at 11. slept until 8am. haha. im a pig la.

i should be doing some work or studying this morning, but i choose to blog and watch dawsons creek later! hahahha.

ok, gtg do sth useful, like watch one episode of dawsons creek. so old school this series.


Karen wrote this at.. 8/17/2006 09:06:00 AM

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