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Sunday, July 02, 2006
second day

of torture.

i woke up early to do assignment but i ended up watching Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004) on Hallmark!
super power dstruction movie. Chicago was gone. it was a 2 part series. and it took away my whole morning.

so now i'm back to work. sheesh. need to stop doing mass comm at 5pm and start studying Human Comm..lalalalala

owh yeah, another person bought my picture. It was the Glass Beads this time!joy, joy, joy!

i want a new camera!:(

haih. i shall continue taking pictures with my ameteur-cheap-compact-camera first, until i get enough money for a SLR. muhahahhahaha.

Rich people have all the luxury. sheesh.

 just yesterday at mass, Father Mitchell was talking about envy. its true that everyone is envious of everyone else. why can't everyone just be hapy with what they have? why oh why?

owh,  my mum bought Jelly moulds. now i can make pretty koniyaku jellies! ones with shapes like how elaine does!:) hehe.

sidney's fine now. i think. i hope so.

he's like applying for jobs left and right, when he has not even graduated yet! haha.

England lost yesterday! thanx to Gerard!if only he made it! haha. i watched the penalty shootouts after writing 3 pages for MC101. i was drained, so i was shouting and whining with my dad, bro and pughan(bro's friend). HAHA.

i wanna watch The Devil Wears Prada. i wanna read the book first. but i seriously can't read a book when i know i can be styudying or doing assignments. sheesh.

alright, enough of distraction. see ya when im all stressed out again.

Karen wrote this at.. 7/02/2006 11:42:00 AM

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