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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
blog-a-ble materials.

Don't you just love my kitty cat picture?
(got it from pixel girl presents.com)

so pretty. i love the website, they have cool desktop backgrounds.

so, i passed the night!:) i managed to do 3 assignments in a weekend. i'm that lazy. HAHA...

haha. really, it was damn tiring. got developmental presentation tmr. yay!then i'm SO DONE with developmental...nyeh,nyeh,nyeh...

Currently, i have a few blogs to revamp. (ofcourse, i will only layan after my exams.)

Hazel, Roberta, Melissa (denise's friend), Wilson anyone else? i'm taking requests... ;)
*only blogspot tho, just cos i love blogspot! haha.

Karen's also needs a revamp. pink is so ugh adey. need a change of colour. maybe purple. or blue.
you know, everytime i drive to college/back, i always will think of things to blog about. or something will happen, and i make a mental note, "Blog-a-ble stuff". but i hardly remember what i wanted to write when i get bakc home. HAHA.

gtg sleep. and yea, tmr got intro to RM and presentation. yay!:)

i can't wait for it all to be over, so i can study. i so wanna study, but i just don't have time.

i got my business marks back...i'm kinda ok with it, although i could have done better. ugh.

lala. lala. lala. passed up my 50% worth of design today. like whoa, a whole weight lifted out of moi. im free from photoshop for about 2 weeks!:) hahaha. cos i don't think i wanna be free from photoshop any time soon, photoshop is my baby. it makes things look proper and pretty!

owh shits 1230. byebye. see you. have a nice day.

Karen wrote this at.. 4/18/2006 12:27:00 AM

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