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Friday, March 24, 2006
Massive update *with pictures!

since i was busy+sick the whole week, i shall update with pictures today!:)

heehee. its not like a lot of people are waiting for updates. HAHA. but heck, i love my imaginary blog readers:)
NOT in chronological order..

-the start-

march massive update1
Rapheal says, "HIII!!!" he's my youngest cousin!:)

march massive update2
Somewhere last week, 3 dogs visited KPD! they were just sitting there like as if it was their lil home. SO CUTE! i like the third one!

march massive update3
my 13 year old cousin emails to everyone, my house name! how sweet!! (yes, i'm still called babygirl...even my 5 year old cousins/nephew calls me babygirl akka. )

march massive update4
i made limau ais one day. from my own lil tree at home. its so yummy i tell you, i think that caused my flu!:) hahahaha

march massive update5
i was camwhoring.

march massive update6
Mr. body beautiful with his winne the pooh shirt. *the lady at the back is aunty Magdelene. my 2nd uncle's wife.

march massive update7
Rohan din seem to get all aggressive. cute fella. has beautiful eyelashes, i also kalah!*my grandmother and Jasmine at the back!

march massive update20
two buddies were best friends during the funeral and prayers. hehe.

march massive update21
Jes, Joshua and Moi. joshua is growing to be so cute!! i love my cousins!:)

march massive update22
Rapheal, Rohan and James.

march massive update23
them and Jasmine

march massive update10
ADPSC meeting.

march massive update9
karen maclaren and laineyyy belaineyyyyy

march massive update8
Justin was camwhoring, we peeked in, but tak jadi. ADPSC meeting!

march massive update11
yes, i was number one!!!!:) damn kiasu early!

march massive update12
TSC&PRO carnival!:) Row and Me.
(*my new shirt. i love it!)

march massive update13

march massive update14
Borange! :) oliver's band!

march massive update15
Shihlin Street Snacks is really yummy. and worth it! try the XXL Fried Chicken! its HUGE and its only RM5! worth it like hell. and damn pedas because of the sauce. if only i wasn't sick, i would have so enjoyed it!

march massive update16
have u seen my giraffe? its so cute aint it?

march massive update17
he's always lonely...so he blocks my phone so that i don't sms my bbds and play with him. but i can't stop smsing my bbds!

march massive update18
so, my bbds bought me a new bigger girrafe, so that small giraffe will not disturb me! hehehehe..
i want to name them, give me some suggestion. for both small and big giraffe!:)

march massive update19
i tried to make maceroni and cheese. i failed. it sucked! maybe its just the instant thing...cos i've tasted mac and cheese before, and it does not taste so bad! haha

march massive update24
final artsy photo.

-the end-

Karen wrote this at.. 3/24/2006 07:38:00 PM

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