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Saturday, April 09, 2005


went shopping today! at klplaza+lot10

blurrgghhh...streamyx sucks. so bad. i need a better connection!

pics later.
when everything is uploaded. haih.

uploaded. now waiting for it to load. haih. so sloww...i feel like im on dial up!

thats me...taken after the tiring day! haha..not so tiring la...

first of all, we went to Berjaya Vacation Club's office to book holidays. we are going to Cameron Highlands in april. dunno april when. i forgot. haha. some weekend la. i think 2 weeks from now.

my long awaited jeans skirt. bought from FOS kl plaza, RM33.90. !it jeans. in Swahilli the exclammation mark is part of the word. like you remmeber the "god must be crazy" african guy? his name is !Nixao. when u see me next time, ask me how to pronounce it!:P

bangle thingy
Bangle thingy. its purple-ish blue. but my camera cannot really capture purple.
its not mine..hahaha. my mum bought it. but ofcoz, anything she buys is mine too. RM15 at lot 10 concourse bazaar thingy.

so we went to the Estee Lauder counter, and mum bought loose powder(RM120) and lipstick(RM70). she gets to buy all the expansive stuff! haha, she's the one paying,ofcoz la! and because she bought 2 items at that place, she got a gift of makeup+skincare stuffs for free!

got mascara, lipstick, eye cream, Pleasures perfume, facial foam..and

a bag.

and i stole the perfume.haha. i love the scent. so yummy.
notice anything different?? HAHA.
i got a manicure too!:):)

how? nice ar? i think it looks the same! haha.
so did u answer the question? according to some sources. i forgot who. if u look at your nails like the first one, u are more feminine, and the second one means you are more masculin.hehe.dunno true or not.

got this picture from Lea's friendster.
this is the CEO of 8tv and us! but at that time he was CEO of Positive tone laa...
haha. that picture was taken when i was in form2 i think at Poetic Ammo's video shoot for Pass the Honey. haha. i was super thin right? so envy myself back then!

thats all for today. streamyx is cacat! haih..

Karen wrote this at.. 4/09/2005 11:12:00 PM

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