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Saturday, April 02, 2005
Batik-ed classic type layout!

classic blog layout
found this header on my Flickr account. use to be my header.i think.early this year.

okays, i know, im mad. but i can't help it..hahaha..

this new layout is more dial up friendly la.altho my posts are not dial up friendly!
the header/banner made up 100% by ME!!! hahaha...took me all morning to do the header. okay not all morning, i woke up at 12. ate. started at 130.finished at 2.30.
i like pictures! it lights up my page. and err...so that i dun have to write alot la..i'm not a writer, really...
more of a photoshop-er!

so how's me new layout doing? simple n batik-ey! and purple. i like purple and i like Barney! hahahhahahahah...purple=love.haha.

my bro was like "inspired by Tom Abang Saufi izzit?"

Tom Abang Saufi-malaysian batik designer. i love her! she designs for Camelia!!!!!
and Camelia's batiks ROCKS! wish i had more $$$ to buy!
her clothes are, err....lets see...RM1000++
i WILL not buy any of her clothes.gila! unless Camelia sells it for RM50, then maybe.

okay. COMMENT!!!on me blog.
i wanna know my kecacatan in doing layouts.thanx..
im gonna go to a 12 year old's party.my cousins. and i was put in charge of games.
ME. playing games! hahahahah...i was like i'm not a games playing person.
so i found mane games.
but i asked my cousin. he was like "aiyerrrr so kiddish i'm 12 ok!"
tweens. so hard to please!

so i finally found a game. its called the throwing smile game!
its like, everyne has to sit in a circle. everybody CANNOT smile except one person. and that one person has to wipe off his smile and throw his smile to another person. only that other person can smile. if anyone else smiles, then they will be forfeited(sp?)!

dumb game. but i had to find something!:/

Karen wrote this at.. 4/02/2005 02:51:00 PM

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