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Friday, April 29, 2005
i wanna go out!

more like, i wanna meet Sidney!:)
he finished his exams...and is out with Riki (go visit his site!got loads of songs to listen to...)
they went dunno where and going to the book fair...i wanted to go with them,(buy some shopaholic series...hehe..i doubt they sell it there..) but i was too lazy to bathe and change, cos by the time i finish, it'll be late and i can't go out too late, cos i need to pick mum up at 6. besides, i din tell my parents that im going out and yea, no money also...haha..i DO have money in the ATM, but dowan to mis-use my money! hehe. keep it for a rainy day huh...who knows, maybe micheal Jackson is planning to come to malaysia, and i need money then right?hahaha..but yea, i dun have money in my wallet now..


these 2 pictures were taken on december last year. christmas time. i look so different. haha..thats what good lighting does...makes u look nicer...haha..currently, i look like crap. haih.

yesterday i slept at 2 something...was really NOT sleepy..hehe. chatted with Basil and Riki. Basil was talking about busking in Sunway Pyramid...hahaha...for more information---http://whazoolespeaks.blogspot.com/--- go visit him and watch him play the guitar for free...haha...and ofcourse there will be a hat for u to donate! hehe..i also tried webcammng with Guan Lim. hahah...so long din see him adey! his hair grow adey, from that botak Lim. hehe.

i miss my old college friends...haih. now i hardly talk to them, let alone see them. my clostest mates are all overseas. somehow we're not that close anymore. maybe everyone went on with life, and me, i'm still stuck here. hehe. i knew this would happen, no matter how much we said, "dun worry, there's always webcam and MSN.." thats why during KarenLee's farewell party, i actually cried. cos i knew our friendship won't be as strong as before when we met everyday!:)

oh well, at least i met new msn friends. Riki. who is also Sidney's close friend.talk to Hazel once in a while on msn too... i still talk to Ps. hehe.thats all i can remember... i'm just one lost child.

i'm gonna start college soon! yayness..i can't wait. serious. may 13th, i love you! hehe..time to make new friends and start new friendships. i guess.. *but i dowaaaaaannnnn, i want my old friends back!!!* heheheheh... *get a life, kid!* hehehe..

haih. tmr im SO going out. haha. i wanna go to KLCC for the bodyshop sale. i need to go to HELP UC to confirm that im going there...i need to see Sidney!


Karen wrote this at.. 4/29/2005 02:03:00 PM

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