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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Pulau Redang

if it doesn't appear, right click on the picture and click "show picture"
Pictures by Karen Marie
(ofcoz, i din take everything myself, the ones with me in it, taken by either mum, dad or bro!)

Pulau Redang Malaysia
click for a bigger picture
Pulau Redang Malaysia-jetty
click for a bigger picture

in no particular order...

fishes at the pond in Berjaya Resort. super funny fishes. whenever we stand there, they will go round and round. so cute right?

my brother and i , in the ferry. we slept the whole way! hehe.

a view from the place we sat in the beach. nice coconut trees!:)

getting ready to go swimming in the beach! me in the sarong we bought in Tioman. we were on the balcony of our chalet room thingy.

the beach. (there's going to be a lot of pictures of the beach! ahaha...juz cos i love the beach!)

nice beach eh?

me against the sun. haha. thats why i look dark! (see the lady at the back there? hehe. she's in a cunted pinkish bikini...haih...i so need to loose weight. or else i look super flabby in a bikini!)

me again, syok sendiri-ing hahahahha...with that poser shades. i like this picture, because there is the reflection of the beach on my shades! hehe. that shades, i didn't buy it, my god father gave it to me. "Oakleys" konon...hahaha. from Sabah market wan. RM5...heheheh

the mountain with the shaky jetty! hehehe...

my brother and i chilling out....hahaha...with a coke and my phone playing GooGoo doll's Give a little bit.

my parents.

hahaha. in Redang, we can only swim in the sea if there is Green Light. when we arrived there, they put up the Red Flag. RED=NONO! heheh. but heck, we just swam! hahaha...

we played pool at night. ofcoz i lost like mad. i dunno how to play pool! only good at yahoo games pool! hahaha..

on the way to snorkell!! hehe..

us again on the boat.

ME, sleeping in the room.

me again, with Teddy my Mr.Bean bear! heheee...sidney gave it to me!:)

my mum and me on the boat...

in the super deep water! hehhehe...i wish i had a marine-water-proof-camera! haih. mum suggested to buy next time! so next time we go snorkelling, we WILL take underwater pictures! yay! cannot wait. i wanna go diving!!!!

fishes....at one place we went to, there were SSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSSOSOOS many fishes! super nice! saw Nemo and Dory kinda fishes! eehehhe...

we ate here almost ALL the time! cheaper than eating in the resort laaa...but on the last day, we ate the buffet at the resort, poolside dinner. not that nice food for RM48 per person!!! so mahal!

Flower!! we took this picture cos some orang putih took picture of it, so we thought, lets do it too!!! ahhaha...as u can see, there's nothing much we can do there, besides swimming, lazing around! hahaha...IF i had money, i would go for SPA, but nahhh..no $$$!

Karen in the jungle! NOT! haha. this place is an abandoned lake thingy i think. cos it looks like a former lake..there were many many trees there, so me n bro took poser pics with the trees! hehehehe...like hindi movie!

our chalet! only the top floor la! hahah..my bro and i stayed on the left side and parents on the right...we had doors tho..in the middle! guess how much is this chalet? one room? RM700++ because mine wasn't facing anything. the ones facing the "garden" is RM800++ and the ones facing the sea was RM1000++ WHOAAAAA!!! luckily ours was FREE. hehe. Berjaya Vacation CLub! they upgraded our room. actually we were supposed to be staying in a cheaper room hehe..

the pool...it was 7 in the morning...haha..took this when we were about to leave the place. the ferry left at 8. so thats why we had to wakey s0 early!

the sun-tanning place...and also where we chilled out in the evening..nice wind...i love the beach!

coconut trees! nice...

the chalets....

syok sendiri in my room! hahahahha...

bunga kebangsaan malaysia! hehehe...

the beach bar! hehe...altho i cannot drink liquor, but i like the bar. nice. wait la, when i grow up! ahahhaha(as if im not now!) but yea, the Mat Salleh's all were drinking cocktails while sun tanning...nice!

photoshopped version of the pond again! hehe....

the beach at 7 am! hehe...so dark and gloomy, yet there's a person walking on the scary jetty!

taken when i was in the boat..some island...or was it Redang? hehe...

so blue!!!! nice rightt??

and finally, this was taken when i was on the boat!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 4/24/2005 03:17:00 PM

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