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Thursday, March 31, 2005
my edited dvd cover

my edited dvd cover
Originally uploaded by lyyyl.

another person happy with my photoshop works! muahahaha....it was firstly edited my Karen Lee, right? (i don't know, liang heng told me..)
this is actually a DVD cover (some anime), i edited for Liang Heng.He was my class mate in my Accounts and Economics class in CIMP. feel free to click on it and tell me if its okay?

My Flickr pictures attracted some ppl to comment on it.

one guy from London said:
Great pictures! There is a lot of fun in your shots - inspiring almost.... take care ,J

my shots are inspiring!WAAAHHH so made my day! this coming from some starnger!i saw his photos. he was like some proffesional photographer! his pictures are all super nice and chun.
haih, i want a nice camera too!!! my cmera just sucks so bad. haih. wish i was in edboard! haha...can steal and use their 5.2MegaPixels camera! haha.

oh well, i actually wrote a looooooooooong story to blog yesterday, but haih. my itchy hands pressed Ctrl+A and Ctrl+V instead of Ctrl+C. (if u get what i mean...haha)

so i shall re blog. and try not to do the same mistake again.
saw my last picture? haih. im so fat now right? ohmigosh. i can die looking at my fats!
haih. i need some slimming programme to ask me to model for them and tell my success story. (they must give me their slimming contract for free first la)

i also blogged about Oprah. i love Oprah Winfrey!
she rocks! haha. i wish i knew her or somehow met her somewhere! she's a kind lady!Don't you think? haih. i just want to go for one of her 'Oprah's Favourite things' show! that would be cool!

oh well, anyone watching LOST the series on AXN every thursday at 2100hrs?
super chun series. it has so much suspense that you can't wait to see it the next week. haha.not really la. it is just one of the movies where, they tell you things halfway and it makes u so bengang (annoyed) that you will want to watch more to find out.

i should download the series! haha.

oh ya, im loving Goo Goo Doll's new song. "Give a little bit" (i think, im not sure about the title.)
i have been humming the tune all day. i NEED to download that song.

today's thursday, which means there is Latte@8 today! yay! i wanna go watch live! its so much fun to be on tv! hahahah...see my fat hands +10 punds on tv(according to the myth right??)
i saw the episode which i was in when they replayed that season of latte on tv again.
i seriously looked fat.

wish i was in Sims2. just press Ctrl+Shift+C and type Motherlode and i'll get Sims$50000!then i can buy a workout machine.and workout. and fastforward so that in a few seconds i'll be fit+slim!
btw, din i mention? i'm playing Sims now. haha. and yes that was a cheat code which i found online!i'm a cheater!

have fun. i'm gonna go do something useful. yea right!

Karen wrote this at.. 3/31/2005 10:04:00 PM

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