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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
tiring, but fun

*long photolog too..i hope, if my photoshop still works!:( dumdum Jung Wei took my photoshop CD, its only 5 bucks! come on la...get ur own! *

okay, the day started at 7 am when i woke up...went to train station at 8, took the next train and went to KL Central, was supposed to meet sidney there, but he only came at 9, i waited quite long.but i wasn't angry, as he brought my present!:) hahaha..my mr bean teddy, and its the nice squeezing kinda material and stuffing..hard to explain, but u know what i mean! (or dont you?) ..then took train to Klang station, walked to the post office, took his PTPTN letter, WALKED again to the Bak Kut Teh shop, ate *the world's most famous klang's* bak kut teh ALONE! sidney was fasting.we ordered a pot of chinese tea and ofcos, i dun really fancy chinese tea, we poured the remaining tea into his bottle, so that he can drink later. so then later we WALKED again to the bus stop to wait for bus....waited,waited,waited,waited,waited,waited, for AN HOUR! stil no bus, so at 12 we got into the bus and made our way to Sunway Pyramid. when we reached there, went to buy movie tickets, then went shopping!:)
bought a cap which says "kiss my butt" cute in a way, but the looks u gte from people is priceless! esp when Sidney and I both wore it at the same time (both of us bought it...only RM5-worth our money!) then later we went to watch Sepet - the long awaited movie by moi...hahaha..it was alright, got kinda teary at the end, but din cry laaa....in public u know! the main actress, Sharifah amani is actually Sidney's friend when they were in Writers Bloc...
i think she's Sharifah Aleya's (malaysian idol host) sister...they look alike, amani's prettier, sound alike, even the way she speaks is the same!
hahaha..later we went to buy palm err...what do ya call it again, the piee of thing protecting it...screen protector! yesh, we went to buy that,and FOS just called my name...so i HAD to go...and i knew why FOS was calling me...SALE!!!!!! buy1 free 1 sale...YUMMY!
i love FOS sales! anyways, i bought 2 tank tops for RM9.90! haha..wanted to buy the RM16.90 combo, but Sidney stopped me...as i had not much money to spare...*sigh* wish i had allowance during the holidays!:p
after buying the tanks, we went to MPH and guess what i bought, Metallic colour Pencils! ahahha...i like the way it looks...haven't tried it on paper yet, but will try...
all in all it was a FUN day..
i'm now downloading tryout version of photoshop, AGAIN! i really really wanna kill Jung Wei..when i took his Blue CD, he bugged me everyday to give him back, but he doesn't give people back their things! sheeesssshhh.....i think i shall just buy that darn cd...

sorry, jung wei, but...

will brb later when photoshop finishes d/l and i send all my phone pics to the comp, since today's wednesday, nothing on tv..

have fun!

btw, KarenLEE, the picture is so amateur! but i like it...ahhaha..

photoshop tryout din work...
so pugahn is bringins photoshop7 for me! yay!
so here are the unedited pics...have to live with it larrr..

Presents from Sidney...
teddy...after his misai was spoilt by me! haha......
teddy (as good as new) sitting in the train
the magnetic bracelett thingy, whats it call again?

Klang shop lots...they still look ancient, small town!:p
Klang river!
nicer look of the river...altho not that clear, but nice sun rays!
Klang bus stop!the HUMID place, where i almost died!haha....
ciggarette smoke+bus fumes+dust=die!

bus ride
sitting in the bus..FINALLY! sidney slept on teddy who was on my shoulder!:)
when we got off the bus, we had to go over to the other side using the bridge, and i took this picture of the NEW NEW sunway pyramid! ahaha..still under construction...i remember this placee...i used to walk on the ground wayy back when KarenLee din have car, and i went back by train! hhaa..walk-bus-train...haih...those were the days...where i was still walking!
got this nice picture of Sunway-Monash Condo Hostel and the clouds! the clouds...man...so chun!!! i love clouds!

Purchases for today..
Karen's(146) Karen's(141)
hahahahha...nice or not? my new cap! its only 5 bucks! but with a rude tagline! hhha..but fun! its cute, if i dowan i shall just take a cloth n close it lorr!i guess it could mean the other way lorrr...s in ass wiping kinda thingy?
Karen's(144) Karen's(145)
AAAHHHHHH...satisfying purchase...buy 1 free 1!
both for RM9.90
Metallic colour pencils..first tim im seeing this! .okay maybe im outdated la.
but so nice!:) RM 9.60

thats all...
going to sulk abt not having photoshop for one day...bye bye for now!
LONG POST man...

Karen wrote this at.. 3/02/2005 09:06:00 PM

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