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Friday, January 14, 2005
aVenue K

went to wangsa maju..see sidney..i actually WALKED from the train station to UTAR! its sooooooo freaking far! but i did it~! hehe
then met sidney, went to chuck books in his house..by then i was so tired.ate in wangsa maju...ate some bread curry mee and nasi lemak! hehe
took pics..but the bluetooth is gettingg old n annoying! hehe..
then later we went to avenue k..

its a new mall opposite KLCC... this entrance is at the underground train station there..i bought a new bag for me phone!
then  later we went to lepak at KLCC...ate Lecka-Lecka Gelato! yummy....it looks like shit right?but it taste real yummy...

Today...Sidney came to Kepong...we went to 1Utama...
took more pics of ourselves! yay! ahhaha...here's one..

(it just won't appear...weird...go to www.livejournal.com/~lyyyl for er...the picture!)
took it while eating DQJulius Blizzard...where they serve it upside down! ehhehe...its real yummy that thingy!
i love outings with Sidney!hehe...

thats all i could upload as i cannot bluetooth it...*sigh*
today is the LAST day for Digi's 1 cent per sms and 10 cents per mms...im so sad....now must use more money!

Karen wrote this at.. 1/14/2005 11:51:00 PM

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