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Saturday, August 25, 2007
Tired Giler

wahh, its been so long since i've blogged.


ok i shall write.

I have been out so much these days. If its not gymming with Elaine, its makaning with Elaine (LOL!), or walking in malls with Elaine and Racheal, walking around aimlessly with sidney in malls, and bumming with Lavena and TK.

The life!


Going out so much is so tiring! omg. but i have so much fun whenever im out.

Today, I went to the Sloggi Blue Summer Party at Sunway Lagoon with Lav and Tk. It was okay, but we didn't bring swimwear, so bummer, no playing with water for us!:(

But going back there, made me wanna go Sunway Lagoon to play play!! i miss the water slides!! wahhhh....someday, I MUST go back there. Anybody wanna follow meee?

We went around getting chops for our lucky draw entry forms. We played some stupid games and i was on a lucky streak!

I got a thong from the Sloggi's spinning wheel booth,
an Eyemask from the Clearasil's dart booth
and a Nivea for Men from the Nivea kicktheballintothehole booth.

quite lucky eh?

hahaha, so i thought, why not wait for the Lucky Draw also, since i was on the lucky streak..........


Did not win anything!


So we ended up taking loads of pictures, waddle waddle in the water and went off.

I saw these young Photographers (guys!) with DSLRs. They were taking pictures of girls and i guess they were trying to pick the girls up la. Cos of course the girls want their photos right, then they get their numbers/emails! like wtf! ahahahhaha. These horny photographers...


we went to The Curve later on and I bought a Thai slipper. haha. you know the RM10 one. We had "family meal" at Ikea. Eat until we die i tell you. SO MUCH! But very worth it for 3 people. Cos one person only pays RM10. heehee.

Saw Stephanie/Tuesday there for the Walk for Love/Body shop/WAO thingy. She looked awesome as ever. All out for Charity. I wish i was as philanthropic as her.

Went to Jusco later with Lav's sister. By that time, i was so tired, cannot even move! omg. But i managed to buy Bubble Tea(WHICH IS NOT BUBBLE TEA) and Mooncake.

Its hard to find real bubble tea in Malaysia! Like, the only place that sells bubble tea, authentic one, is the one in Mid Valley. Opposite the Cinema. Other places just sell shakes with the tapioca pearls thingymajig.

Have you ever heard of this Mystyle thingy?

It is actually quite cool, cos you get discounts and Buy 1 Free1 things. Like 50% of all meals at Charms, Buy1free1 at juiceworks, 15% discounts at other places. and etc.

I think i shall keep my mooncake for tomorrow. Im too full. and sleepy.

Should i bake cupcakes tmr?


Manda, Sue, Elaine and Me upstairs at the apartment

i love the wall!:)

Lovely Dessert

Lovely Dessert no 2



Chicken in a bag, which was awesome!

Garlic and Herb pasta

Long ago, we were at Murni's at SS2

Jimmy, Kuan, Elaine, Joanne and Karen

Karen, Elaine and Rachael at Marmalade. This was also, during my holidays!:) hahaha.

Me at the Sloggi Thing. trying to reenact the fortune thingy. ahahhaha.
Lavena has all the other cool pictures:) heehee

Tuesday and Monday!:)

hahahha. Stephanie with her Walk of Love t shirt.

With Sidney and Spongebob!

Elaine's New hair!:) heehee

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