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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the whole semester i was a tutor, i earned about RM80. HAHAHHA

and for that, i needed an RHB account. I went to open one today. i officially have an RHB account.

Now all i need is maybank2u account. hehe.

had Secret Recipe yesterday. feel like eating cheesecake again.

blame the blood flowing off me.

i only had 3 Roti Kapas today okay! it was damn nice and yummy, but not filling at all... i need food. like, new york cheesecake.


Sunday was colloqium..

i've taken part in Psychology Colloqium for like 3 times already. and all 3 times i didn't get any awards. shows what kind of a "psychologist to be i am" eh? hahahhaa.

but then again, the people i'm competing with are like super teror. cannot blame myself also. hahaha.

but i was just chairing and not presenting this time. It felt much better to only chair and not present...hahahhaa.feels gooooodd..

when i was chairing colloqium last sunday, i met this young tutor who was a former ADP student. I thought she was another chairperson okay, so malu. haha. She was really nice and friendly. I've never seen her before previously. I met her only on that day. Her name is Jacqueline.

ok, class gonna start and my battery is dying. ta-ta!


Karen wrote this at.. 4/03/2007 03:30:00 PM

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