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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Presentation on friday.

10 minutes -_-"

dunno if my points are enough to cover 10 minutes.

i shall talk really slow. but then again, every time when i present, confirm talk damn fast wan.

how now brown cow?


ok, enjoy some gambar-gambar i took. not much.

thats meeeeeeeeeeeee...with my new hair. well, soddof new, one week+ old new.


and thats Hotscotch, which i featured a few entries back. they performed today at the ADPSC Soapbox.



its been a year since my grandfather died and 3 years since my uncle died. march is a depressing month.

owh wells. we had a mass and gathering

my cousins and sibukshermaine. she always comes to my house to use the internet and borrows my camera. hahaha. owh well, at least i have a small girl sister to bully every time she comes around. muahhahahaha.


Nephew, cousin and cousin

triple j

Sidney and Me during the weekend outings.

graphic i made for my Slides. HAHAHHAHA.

it is supposed to illustrate, "Oh, no, i'm in a multiple relationship, what to do??"
oh no

damn cute! hahahah

Owh, i watched my movie. Not bad for amateurs like us!:) hehe. all props go to Maria for editing the whole thing. we just helped a bit. hehe. wanna watch??

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