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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Starbucks Music Series

i went for the Starbucks Music Series.

it was OK. Kevin wasn't playing for Qings and Kueens. looks so weird without him.

pete teo was nice. Mia Palencia was nice too.

played some stupid Digi game, only got 2 measly bags as consolation prize. can kill Digi people i tell you. so damn stingy. we ran for them and they gave us the "limited edition" bag thingy. so ugly. and cheap ass.

owh well. Sidney's gonna write to them, explaining the RM5 issue. u see, in the game we played, one of the task was to buy popcorn, it was feaking RM5 OK!they did not mention that we were going to spend money on the game and they did not even give us back the Popcorn, or give us back money. somemore give some lame ass prize.
maybe the mc guy just doesn't like us. haha.

crap digi.

anyways, i took pictures using my 2.0mp (really crappy quality) phone camera. will upload when i transferred the pics to my lappie top. the blue tooth is cranky.

OWH YES, today, i found out that the bluetooth remote control thingy on my phone, really works!!! i can browse my lappie top from my phone. how cool is that! i can even navigate my powerpoint presentation. hahahahhahaha. ( i know, i sound so lame and you are going, "thats old story")

little joys in life.

today, i spent my day doing nothing, and cleaning my room to start studying.

CAN DIELOR!! so much to study so little time!:(

Karen wrote this at.. 9/03/2006 06:27:00 PM

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