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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Purply flower : )

a few days ago, i cooked a meal for my brother and me. guess what was on the menu?


i was so teror k!!:)

here's how it looks like.

Nice leh??

HAHAHAHHAHAHA. it was from a box. frozen food. just fry it. hahahaha. the Fish tasted OK, the chicken was bad.

OK, so on the 30th, my family went out and eat at this new chinese food place. when i say chinese, it means really from china wan. cos the menu says so! and the manager said the cook is from CHina. haha.

drool-worthy. tasted OK, not bad only.

When we came back, dad took the dog for walk. and he came back with a hole on his nose!!!! he fought with the neighbour's dog through the gate. the neighbours dog bit him. poor tamboy!!:(


see his bengkak nose?

So, this morning, we took him to the Vet. he loves car rides!


doc gave him a jab on his thigh, some medications. i hope he's doing fine. :/

after the visit to the vet, i went to eat Pizza with sidney. it was fun. :) went to carrefour after that. tasted all the free food. hahahaha.

i'm super broke btw, i hope my dad gives me money soon. haihs. if he never gimme money for the weekend, i can die of hunger lorr since my parents are going to Penang.



what a cute picture!:) i love.

so anyways, i came back and finished my lab report. its about 44 pages+ appendix!!! can die trying to staple it. maybe i'll just bind it. easier to read then. hmmm.

gtgsleep now

tmr got that Catholic Students Network thingy. should i go? or not?

Karen wrote this at.. 8/31/2006 11:59:00 PM

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