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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
its been a while

since i'be blogged.

HAHA. i know, everyone going, what the hell, never update wan! no wonder the site meter's count turun adey HAHA.

owh well, i've been busy! its hard to maintain GPA, have a life, watch Full House Season 3 and blog OK!!! the amount of homework i have is just too much to handle.

i've been bumming around too much lately! don't i do that every semester??? i always say i bum around too much and procrastinate at the middle of semesters...then i still do it the next semester! how stupid of me.

hmmmm.. TK is coming to HUC!!!!:) Lav is leaving in 2 weeks!:( haih. wish i was leaving somewhere too. so that i don't feel like i'm the only one here...

seriously, the people i hang out with, usually, are all overseas!now Lav's leaving too. luckily Tk is still in the same zipcode as me. soon he'll be taking the bus to college with me too! muahahahahahhaha. i asked him if he wants to check out HUC first, before actually signing up for the course, he was like, no neeed la!! then i was saying, then later you don't complain...hahaha. everyone who goes to HUC knows the hassle of taking the bus....waiting for it...under the HOT sun...HAHA.

actually i'm in college now...waiting for the computer lab people to open, i wanna print something...

Summer Variety Concert is here!

YAY! 2 more weeks and we haven't sold even 50 tickets! we're doomed!

we visited the orphanage at PJ. its called St Jerome's Home. There are about 20 kids staying there, mostly Indians...with one Chinese small kid who is deaf and mute. poor kid.

owh well, Its RM4 for everyone to donate!:)

RM4 is darn cheap OK!!! its just one meal. skip a lunch to help a kid!:)


hanging on staircase thingy

hanging things copy


small flyer copy

Alrights! have to go now byebye

Karen wrote this at.. 7/18/2006 08:43:00 AM

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