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Saturday, April 01, 2006


april fool's party
was crapily disasterous.

HAHA. i guess, parties and ADP don't go in the same line. maybe the party goers all transferred already!:) and geeks still are here at ADP. *i'm so generalizing. but heck, i hate people at ADP who did not come yesterday. they can die!*

anyways, maybe the change to a party instead of a sleepover was a little too late, to HELL with my college's management. they can die too. give us ONE DAY! one freaking DAY to change the whole nature of the event.

they should really pay us back for our loss.

but then again. we wanted to go on with it and the members had fun i guess. they helped a lot to make it look nice. they worked together and sama-sama to make it happen. they had fun. while aaron, elaine, irina, justin and me were trying to hold back disappointment.

thanx to Shu Wei, Grace, Grace's bf(i really never got to know his name), Jean Ee, Jean Ee's friend who helped me try to sell zero tickets yesterday *hugz*

and no, this is not an april fool's joke. i'm serious, it was THAT disastrous.

no. one. came.

i really don't know if i can manage to do another event at ADP. they disappoint me, really.

i wanna quit everything, and be a geek. join CF or PSG and study everyday! HAHA. no that i'm implying anything. but i really do wanna mellow down.

hehe. i always say that don't i?

so anyways, i was standing the WHOLE day yesterday! like madness. took abt 177 pictures plus videos.

will edit and post it up today. must tell the other ADPians what they missed.


like who will care anyways, they are too busy with their own lives to care abt small college events.


see you later with pictures.


Karen wrote this at.. 4/01/2006 02:22:00 PM

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